Mülheim: Municipal controls for rape repatriation of the authors' families

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The city of Mülheim checks the repatriation of the families of the attackers

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The controls of the city repatriation of the families of the authors

After the rape of an 18-year-old girl by five children and adolescents, the city of Mülheim examines the expulsion of families. One of the alleged perpetrators is in detention. The others are with their families and are accompanied by the youth help desk.

The city of Mülheim is investigating the rape of an 18-year-old miner by five minors, to determine whether families of suspects can be returned to their country of origin. The support comes from the CDU.

reThe case provokes a national horror: after the rape of an 18-year-old girl by five miners in Mülheim (North Rhine-Westphalia), the city now checks the information relating to the "New Westphalians", according to the families of perpetrators, Bulgaria. A spokesman for the city told the regional newspaper: "We are checking if we can restrict the freedom of movement of these families."

Although Bulgaria is a member of the EU, it is not part of the Schengen area. Until now, the country has only partially implemented the rules of free movement within Europe defined in the Schengen area. According to European law, a repatriation from Germany is in principle possible if "someone does not work, no job is looking for and can not prove that he is looking for it "said the spokesman.

According to the spokesperson, such a procedure should be tedious anyway. There are also possibilities of contradiction. Take the current presumed case as an opportunity to explore the legal options for repatriation. "The chances of success are relative." It was known that three families had earned an income. Repatriation was out of the question.

Even the CDU's national politician, Armin Schuster, enters after the alleged rape as part of a lawsuit against the families of the suspects. "If parents act in ways that favor the actions of their children, the whole family must be forced to leave the country if they pose a serious threat to public safety," said Schuster of the "Rheinische Post" -based Düsseldorf.

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Rape in Mülheim

Families are all in close contact with the youth support office. It will be carefully considered what steps are being taken. In the room is also to take children from families. Only a 14-year-old offender is in custody because of the risk of repetition. The other suspects are at home with their families.

The 14-year-old detainee had previously participated in a preventive measure according to the city administration. The suspect was in the "curve" measurement, "to get him out of the vortex of an intensive crime," said Wednesday the city's spokesman, Volker Wiebels. Three suspects aged 14 and two of twelve are believed to have raped the young woman in a forest Friday night. All are according to the police to Bulgarian nationals.

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"Get a turn" was launched in 2011. The initiative of the NRW Ministry of the Interior should help multiple children and young people to find solutions to crime. The target group is made up of children and adolescents aged between eight and fifteen, and where possible, specialized teachers work with the police.

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According to the city spokesman, the youth protection office is now in contact with all the families of the five minor suspects: "Today, all the families have cooperated very willingly with us." In attempting to make contact on Monday, at least one family had refused the help offered.

The Youth Protection Bureau has now explained to families that the best interests of the suspects and their siblings have not been endangered. "We will now offer individual help to each family." Families must be treated "closely". Conceivable, for example, counseling sessions, psychological support or a family caregiver for a daily escort.

Debate on lowering the age of crime

"In part, we noticed that the guards were even happy with the professional help," said the city spokesman. He emphasized that intensive care for the victim and his family was guaranteed by the city.

The Mülheim police also opened an investigation Sunday in a case of alleged sexual harassment of a teenager. According to the prosecutor's office in Duisburg, five suspects surrounded a young man. Two of the five would then have had to touch the immoral teenager.

Moreover, in the city of Herne, in the Ruhr, he should have committed, in mid-May, a sexual assault on a teenager, involving peers. The Bochum police have decided for several weeks, a spokesman for the police said Wednesday. She is touched by a 14-year-old student. Two of his classmates aged 13 and 14 are suspected of the crime. About the case in Herne had already reported the newspaper "Bild".

Federal Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht has spoken out against lowering the age of criminal responsibility. The Mülheim affair shocked her. "Contempt is not a good guide on its own," said the minister of "good-btp.com". "Criminal responsibility requires a certain level of development that is not regularly granted to children under the age of 14."

The state government of North Rhine-Westphalia rejects a report in the media, according to a reduction of criminal responsibility. "I can not make friends with a lowering of the age of criminal responsibility," said NRW Minister Peter Biesenbach (CDU) of the "NRZ". "Our goal is to bring children with educational means back on track and therefore have a lot of success," said NRW Home Minister Herbert Reul (also CDU), against a reduction.