Bayern: Karl-Heinz Rummenigge announces transfers

SFor the Hollywood sign, they have changed especially for the German football champions. "Mia san Mia" now stands in huge letters on the hills above the famous Los Angeles district – but only on a photomontage on FC Bayern's social media accounts.

The tour of Munich lasts nine days in the United States, the first station is California. On Tuesday, a visit to the estate of Arnold Schwarzenegger is planned. University of California (UCLA) coach Niko Kovac trained after the first unit as part of a youth sponsorship campaign, midfielder Javi Martinez met the basketball star Carmelo Anthony. A visit to the Holocaust Museum is also on the agenda of Bavaria.

Defense access to Lucas Hernández's training after his knee surgery in Munich. Benjamin Pavard and Fiete Arp were only two entries in America. Kovac completed the group with eight young people. But Karl-Heinz Rummenigge does not want to hear a reproach: "All the coaches who have worked with us in recent years have played there, and I think it's important to accept the trip as is," said the club boss. "A coach has to play there!" The public relations trip is no alternative for the global FC Bayern brand.

"The team is going strong, do not worry."

Sports director Hasan Salihamidzic and President Uli Hoeneß remained in Munich to make other transfers. "We are working at full speed on the transfer market," said Rummenigge. He already considers the team well positioned.


Arrival in Los Angeles: Niko Kovac requests an autograph from Bayern coach

Source: Bongarts / Getty Images / Alexander Hassenstein

"We have a good team, and if I look at our own defense against Alaba, Hernández, Süle, Kimmich, Pavard and Jérôme (Boateng), where we still have to wait to see what happens to him, I have to say that I hardly see better in Europe, "he said. "Even what we have to offer in advance, it's all good."

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Despite the increasingly "complicated and expensive" transfer market, Rummenigge sees FC Bayern "not at all suspended". We will always "accomplish one or the other transfer.Our team will be very strong again this season.Do not worry.

Contracts with Lewandowski

Plans for the return of striker Mario Mandzukic (Juventus Turin), speculated on the latter, have denied Rummenigge. Instead, something should happen on offensive trajectories. "We have two good wins with Coman and Gnabry, both of which have been successful, but we still need one for quantitative reasons only," says Rummenigge.

Goalkeeper Robert Lewandowski wants to tie the club even longer. Negotiations with the Polish International on a renewal of the contract for two years until 2023 are in the final stages. "This is not a bag, but with Robert, the development of Bayern Munich already seems extremely good," said the CEO.


Highly requested for selfies: Munich Serge Gnabry (left) is asked by Los Angeles fans for a common photo

Source: Bongarts / Getty Images / Alexander Hassenstein

Borussia Dortmund is also touring the United States. Unlike previous years, the BVB has clearly given the target championship before the new season. Rummenigge: "We are interested in competition and emotionalism, as it is perfectly correct, if Dortmund connects in the sense of the demands, so we know from the first day that we have to be focused and play well. to be able to defend our title the eighth year. "

In the favorite position of his club changed, the BVB does not claim anything, so Rummenigge. "Even in 2020, the German championship will only be decided by Bayern Munich."

Continuity on the coaching station

But the championship alone is not enough for the people of Munich. This makes the club boss clear. In the Champions League, Bayern must qualify this time in the second round. "I wish him a season as successful as last year with the Double – and one or the other round in the Champions League, so everyone will be very happy with FC Bayern," Rummenigge said. Hotel team about its expectations of coach Kovac.

Previously, the 63-year-old had said about the Champions League: "We do not need much to talk about: it's the leading category, the most important title to win in club football. FC Bayern can no longer be represented without the Champions League: image, finances, sponsors – all depends on that, and if you succeed, you have the world's attention. "A clear demand for Kovac.

"I think Niko knows that we are a club that needs success and faces this, and everyone in the club is facing that," said Rummenigge. The club was "concerned that we have continuity in the coaching position".

He had consistently denied Kovac a guarantee of public employment in the last stages of the past season. "We have the embarrassment of success and you have to succeed to keep the club out of trouble," Rummenigge said. And added: "We actually have a completely relaxed union."