Ingo Hanneforth is the builder of the huts in the trees of Epkes …

Two luxurious cabins are under construction on a 500 square meter lot near Epke's historic farmyard.

Two luxurious cabins are under construction on a 500 square meter lot near Epke's historic farmyard.
Photo: Jens Dünhölter

Gütersloh WB). Under the crown of nine oaks over 100 years old and probably beech so old, join in the historic greenery: two luxurious huts. Ingo Hanneforth built the houses on a 500-square-meter plot, vacant for 20 years, near the historic Epke Farm at 'Epkes Kamp'.

Under the title "Epkes Kamp – Tree Houses", the project is unique and develops magic, an incomparable magic. The idea of ​​being able to see through the open skylights in the treetops when getting up in the morning in the bedrooms weighs on the total investment of 300,000 euros from Ingo Hanneforth. During the inspection of the interior, the owner of the landscaping and horticulture company Epke, aged 53, can hardly control his euphoria: "Imagine- you in the kitchen and watch the squirrels walk 50 centimeters higher up in the trees.

Keyword »Architecture of good mood«

According to the client, the planning team of the "Architecture Workshop" and the woodworking company Burg, the "tree houses" have been named "architecture of good mood" since the beginning of the works. Connectivity and passion for the idea are also recognizable in clothing. For a completely new, completely new building, all the unison protagonists wear polos or hooded jackets with the inscription "Epkes Kamp – Tree Houses" on the back. Reinhard Michel, architect (61): "This building site was very fun. This was hardly surprising. "Christian Burg (55), head of the carpentry and conservation of Steinhagener's history, also discovers" everywhere gooseneck corners. "However, the houses specially named" East "and" West " are not a gag, according to Reinhard Michel: "A fully usable living space has been created here."

Internet, cable connection, underfloor heating

In fact, with its kitchen, bedroom, living room and dining room and south-west facing terrace with telephone, Internet, cable, water, heating and underfloor heating, meet all modern requirements despite its size of "only" 30 m². Only washing machines and dryers are housed in a separate storage room next to each unit belonging to a ground-based carport. In the supply and disposal chains, nature has served as a model. "The cables rise vertically like a tree and are distributed there only," explains Reinhard Michel. In all cases, the trees on the construction site set the tone. Excess experience from outside stairs at 3.70 meters was determined by baseline stock. "We modeled houses between trees," says Reinhard Michel. This is best seen at the "Haus Ost", where the living space was built around an oak tree.


"This is a great example of a gap in the existing regulation."

Reinhard Michel


For carpenters around Christian Burg, the technical challenge was to "adapt to the misalignment of oaks". Architect Reinhard Michel: "This is an excellent example of a gap in the existing colony". The original idea was copied by the initiator to the thrilling green heart of Grunewald in Berlin. It would have broken his heart to sacrifice the historic trees for a new building: "I could not have accepted my conscience, as a nursery gardener, to cut old trees." Hanneforth wishes to clarify how the fully-furnished homes will be used at the end of interior finishing work in the fall: "The end-use concept has not been decided yet". Short or medium term rentals are planned.