Renovation of St. Martin's Church Pfullingen: opening of the time capsule and discovery of testimonies from past centuries

Pfullingen / By Gabriele Böhm

It was exciting. And rarely. Because only every 50 to 60 years old is on a renovation tower, for the wind vane, ball and cross with the inscription "INRI" of about 50 meters in height are brought to the ground. On Sunday, after the service of the ecumenical market, about 150 interested people accepted the invitation to closely examine the unique objects of the Pfullinger Martinskirche and inquire about the documents found in the "Turmknopf".

In 1773, the spire was built

As architect Eberhard Wurst explains, the roof of the tower built in 1773 was severely damaged by lightning a year later. But it is only in 1817 that it can be restored. The restoration took place in 1860, 1926 and 1982. "In 1956, there was again an action of climbing in which the rooster was golden in the new state." Today, the brass test tube only has the primer and gilding remaining from 1982 and features holes in several places. Despite the rather unhappy state, Wurst discovered a funny detail: between the feathers of the tail a small whistle supposed to be powered by the wind. "The faucet was the weather app of yesteryear," said Wurst. "He was turning to Übersberg, it was sunny." At the time, the rooster had probably tasted 24 Florentine florins, according to Wurst, around 2100 euros.

St. Martin's Church Pfullingen
View of the church steeple: above the rooftops of the city

The parish council Helmut Schwarz reported on the recovery of the balloon, called "button of the church tower", which was to be lowered to the outside on the scaffolding. The hollow sphere of about 60 centimeters in diameter was probably also sometimes gold plated. Today, it is black coal and has several "rivets" fixed with rivets. "It is common to watch during renovations, to update and close the ball."

Inside were several tubes of copper, lead and hard plastic, open under tension. Unfortunately, nothing more was obtained from the 1773 documents, as announced by Martin Fink. But the other "time capsules" were interesting. In 1817, for lack of food, the horses arrived in 1816, the year "without summer", had brought only poor harvests due to the volcanic eruption of Tambora in Indonesia. It is only at Christmas that oats can be harvested. "As soon as peace is restored (after Napoleon), we live in difficult weather conditions, inflation and a loss of growth in a fateful period," the document says. Pfullingen had 3400 inhabitants, For the 200 to 300 arms, Queen Katharina had set up a soup kitchen.

Testimonials of inflation, recovery and fears of time

The 1860 capsule contained a report from the commander of the 1857 fire brigade, Philipp Heinrich Renz, on the state of the roof at the time. The place had since recovered and "Very touched by the commercial boom". In 1926, Dean Theophil Wurm described the renovation measures. The colored currency in millions indicates the time of inflation.

You had 1982 18.28 marks as certificate of the current currency deposited in the ball. The Mayor App had written an eleven-page report, the city pastor mentioned the [1945bombingIn addition, there was a 1948 food card sheet, a poem by Sofie Schlegel and a part of the Pfullinger Einwohnerkartei Microfiche, the most modern storage medium of the time. App spoke of the fear of a nuclear war and said: "We hope that, if you are reading this, you are living in a period of peace." What city and church documents 2019 now in the ball insert? This is still under discussion.

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He arrived late Sunday night at the Pfullinger Market Square for a major appeal to relief forces.