The facade of the Hundertwasser Kita is being renovated

Rainer Gebauer, architect, and Baukirchmeister, Manfred Hoffmann, during the inspection of the roof of the Hundertwasser Kita. Photo: André Volkmann
Rainer Gebauer, architect, and Baukirchmeister, Manfred Hoffmann, during the inspection of the roof of the Hundertwasser Kita. Photo: André Volkmann

Wülfrath. The facade of the "Düsseler Tor" kindergarten will be renovated in two phases. The Reformed Protestant parish invests around 300,000 euros.

The nursery "Düsseldorfer Tor" receives a new exterior façade after only 19 years – in two phases, with a construction time of three months each. The particular architecture of the building with the golden dome makes the nursery school a landmark of the city of Wülfrath. His second name "Hundertwasser Kindergarten" carries the crib because Friedensreich Hundertwasser himself designed the dome sketches. In the rest of the architectural design, the building also corresponds to the formal language of Hundertwasser.

Renovation measures have become necessary as the damage becomes more and more apparent, says architect Rainer Gebauer. He presumes that it is primarily the technical faults during the execution of the works that are causing the faulty condition of the facade. "In addition to normal pollution, we have more and more stress cracks that are probably caused by moisture inclusions," says Baukirchmeister Manfred Hoffmann about the state of the "dress" – describing the exterior facade of the daycare.

After two renovations, the children's garden needs to regain its original appearance: "For Wülfrath, this kindergarten is one of the most important buildings," explains the l & # 39; architect Rainer Gebauer, who explains in his action plan that the craft work is proceeding as planned. "September 14, everything is ready." After that, the construction project enters the winter break: the low temperatures would make progress structurally impossible – funding for the second phase should also be secured.

The Reformed Protestant parish, which has been sponsoring the nursery since 2000, will invest around 300,000 euros in the construction project. To this end, approximately 1,200 square meters of outdoor space and 290 meters of the attic will be renewed. Hoffmann and Gebauer stress that all renovation measures take place during ongoing operations. The volume of investment is high. Finally, this is due to the construction of the building by Hundertwasser: "Anything that deviates from the standard is expensive," says architect Gebauer, evoking the abandonment of the straight lines and the right angle .

The sustainable facade renovation is complex – applying the latest design and technology processes, so that not only the golden dome of the Hundertwasser Kita radiation has, but also the facade. The cost of cleaning and dome Nachvergoldung estimates Gebauer to 20,000 euros. Manfred Hoffmann and the Baukirchmeister hope to find a donor for the repair of the dome, who will bear the costs. Already, the first gilding of the monument Wülfrather was financed by a donor still unknown.

Similarly, the maintenance of green roofs is demanding in maintenance. Birch growing on the roof will damage the soil because of its strong roots. Twice a year, a specialized company will prepare the greening. Because all measures are supported by "his own strength", Manfred Hoffmann, the Evangelical Reformed parish, rejoices in donations.