Architecture Incursion: Žďákov Bridge

Žďákov Bridge (Photo: Karel Jakubec, Wikimedia Commons, public domain)Žďákov Bridge (Photo: Karel Jakubec, Wikimedia Commons, public domain)

Žďákov Bridge (Photo: Ondřej Tomšů)Žďákov Bridge (Photo: Ondřej Tomšů)

It is believed to be the largest arched steel bridge with arch joints of the
World: Žďákov Bridge. It leads to the Vltava Orlík Dam and
connects the villages Kostelec nad Vltavou / Kosteletz and Staré Sedlo.
Unique are the construction of the bridge and especially its
Eva Erbanová, from the České monument protection authority, says Scope
Budějovice / Budweis.

"At the time of the construction of the bridge, it was the largest of them
Pretty much everywhere in the world. The construction was completed in 1967. The two arches are
with hinges attached to the pillars anchored on the bank of the dam
are. The span of the bow is 379.6 meters. The bridge has
The architect Oskar Oehler designed, Josef Zeman was for construction
responsible. The latter was an expert in bridge construction and
Gymnasiums. Oskar Oehler was a renowned avant-garde architect who worked in
the interwar period designed several functionalist villas.
These were from The Curbusier and Dutch architecture
inspired. After the Second World War, he began in 1951 in Prague
Work as a cabin project, where he quickly became chief architect. the
The first project of Žďákov Bridge, 543 meters long, dates back to
Year 1955. It is native to the place where the municipality of Žďákov
was. This one was flooded by the reservoir, which from 1955 to 1961
has been erected. "

A modern bridge with a long history

Photo: Czech TVPhoto: Czech TV
The bridge of Žďákov has several predecessors. Once standing in place a
Wooden bridge. During the Thirty Years War, the place became a
Ship bridge erected to imperial troops in the war against the
Sweden served. L & # 39; expert:

"One hundred years later, in 1744, there were two other wooden bridges
built. These were again used by the Imperial Army when it was against
the Prussians went to war. In Žďákov there was a workshop at
the ships were built. There was also a very famous inn there,
U Paličků, who was visited by rafts and hikers. "

The bridge was renovated between 2015 and 2017. The steel
and the concrete structure, as well as the balustrade were repaired. the
Generous bridge construction is based on the trends of the
Architecture updated since the end of the 50s. Eva

Photo: Czech TVPhoto: Czech TV
"In the late 1950s, bold designs of construction began
have been put into action. At that time, people trusted the
Technology. They were unlimited possibilities of modern
Achievements firmly convinced. That's why you started, very brave
Try constructions. These included various
rope constructions. At the time of the construction of the Žďákov Bridge,
In Liberec, for example, the television tower on Mount Ještěd was built.
It was in the 1960s. The tower received the Auguste Perret Award
excellent. He began a period of relaxation in architecture. "

With more openness to new trends

Photo: Czech TVPhoto: Czech TV
According to the expert, everything went back to 1958 with the universal exhibition of
Brussels has started. The Czechoslovak flag was then with
considered several prices. The country's architecture is liberated from
socialist realism and returned to an international
Architectural style back. It was also in the second half of the 1950s with
of relaxation in the Soviet Union where the Stalinist cult condemns
was. Subsequently, the Eastern bloc countries could dare to leave the
free socialist realism. They were able to move again to the west
Look for inspiration. Eva Erbanova

"In the meantime, the popular Brussels style has emerged, and it works a lot
emotional. It contained various twisted and irregular shapes. he
influenced also architecture and was in Czechoslovakia the
1960s very dominant. As examples of this architectural style, I would like
call Vítkovice station or Emmauskloster Prague. Not like this
The Orlík-Vystkrov recreation area, purely of Brussels style, is known
must. Here are some villas for the oldest
Communist politicians were built. The region also includes a
Hotel. It is not known who designed the hotel building because it was
Designed architects who were in jail at the time. C & # 39;
interesting ".

Villa in Orlík-Vystkrov recreation area (Photo: Czech TV)Villa in Orlík-Vystkrov recreation area (Photo: Czech TV)
At the same time, the Liberec TV tower became as famous
built unique construction. At the same time in Prague, the
Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry. The building was designed by Karel architect

"In the second half of the 1960s, in turn, the
so-called brutalism. In this style, for example, the
famous thermal hotel built in Karlovy Vary, by husband and wife Machonin
has been conceived. This architecture is characterized by a clear and raw silhouette
Characteristic surfaces. In their environment, the buildings look very
quickly. "

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