Block B 312 Reutlingen: Federal highway completely closed for a weekend

Reutlingen / Carola Eissler

Construction times are carefully scheduled on week-end afternoons, when part of the new district heating network will cross the main road. From Friday, August 16 at 7 pm to Monday, August 19 at 5 pm, the Echazufer road in both directions is totally blocked. The diversion passes by Lindachstraße towards Pfullingen, in the direction opposite to that of Dreispitz by Albstraße and Burgplatz. For traffic, Lindachstraße has the right to drive. There are also parking and parking bans in Lindachstraße.

The construction work has been specially put on vacation to minimize traffic disruption. Project manager Alexander Stephan and planning officer Georg Arentz of Fair Netz, in collaboration with the specialist planner Jörg Heinicke, as well as representatives of the civil engineering office and the public order office, all prepared in detail. A piece of road 200 meters long must be crossed and equipped with pipes for district heating. The work takes place in several teams of day and night. The road is torn, pipes 33 meters long are inserted and hardened as a whole. Then you must re-asphalt and the markings must be applied. "Monday at 5 o'clock, the track must be free and traffic rolled again," says Stephan.

Planners do not expect big surprises when they go into hiding. Everything has been clarified in advance in detail by an aerial photo evaluation. However: "You never know if an old power line is somewhere," says Arentz from experience. A firefighter must also be present during excavation work. Because the city center of Reutlingen is a critical area and construction workers could be victims. One of them had been suspected last August, as was built in Karlstraße. The supposed misfire then turned out to be a big piece of metal.

Even after the completion of the work, planners still have some work to do, but not until next year. Then the line must go under the so-called Düker Echaz. All special structures, planners say. After the Echaz dam, new pipes are then drawn at 1.40 meters below Echazsole and about 4.5 meters below the roadway.

Complete closure B 312 at Echazufer

The main road 312 will be closed from Friday, August 16 at 7 pm to Monday, August 19 at 5 am between Lindach Knot and Dreispitz. The traffic towards Pfullingen passes by Lindachstraße, in the opposite direction, the traffic is deviated by Albstraße and Burgplatz.

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