Construction of NP market in Kapitänsviertel continues to be delayed

Papenburg. The construction project of an NP supermarket in the Kapitänsviertel in Papenburg is still behind schedule. The reason: For a whole year, wildlife must be observed and recorded on the planned building site.

Karin Evering, spokesperson for the city of Papenburg, informed us that a final report would be expected from us by the end of September. "The mapping of the Special Protection of Species Review, or SAP, spans a year.

Initially, plans provided that district citizens located between the top and bottom of the spring in the 1000 square meter store could buy. That's at least what the architect Holger Brake had promised at the Förderverein Kapitänsviertel general assembly at the end of November 2017. Then the move was postponed to 2019, the last was from 2020 the speech.

The construction plan procedure is currently suspended

The planned property at the Kapitän-Venema-Straße / Mittelkanal junction on the left is about 7,000 square meters. For construction, the city and local politics had started a planning procedure (109th amendment of the zoning plan and preparation of Plan B No. 38 relating to the plan). This process is currently suspended, as announced by Evering. "As the content and the corresponding precautions and requirements for the treatment of flora and fauna are still unknown, the planning process can only be continued after the existence of the saP", states the release of the town hall. When the procedure can then be completed and the construction prevails, you can not give it up yet.

An investor wants to spend four million euros

The investor Hoppmann Bau in Wiefelstede appears as an investor. According to Brake, the company invests around four million euros. The NP Market, which is still in the street "Am Vosseberg", must be connected to a 150 m² café with an outdoor terrace on a water surface and three smaller shops. According to the architect, a hairdresser, a pharmacy and a flower shop would settle there. 75 parking spaces are provided for customers of all shops.

The Kapitänsviertel has about 2200 inhabitants. The supermarket chain NP belongs to Edeka. Visually, the new building should be made as attractive as possible, with glass and bricks and without gray metal plates, had already announced the architect.