"Emergency Hafenkante" today on TV and live: what happens in episode 15 of season 9?

Emergency call at the edge of the ZDF
Image: ZDF, transmitted by FUNKE program magazines

Today, 2.8.2019, it is another episode "Edge of the emergency call portIf you do not want to miss the detective series, then you should join in ZDF turn on: let's start with episode 15 of season 9 ("The kiss of the spider") 10:30 watchWho prefers to watch TV on the net: ZDF also offers a live stream on the net,

"Emergency Hafenkante" Today on TV: That's What "The Kiss of the Spider"

The talented architect Stef is at the heart of an important competition that, after an allergic shock, loses control of his car and has to go to the hospital. Jasmine discovers that he was bitten by a tarantula. In fact, the police must make sure that the spider is the size of a palm in the victim's vehicle. But how does a tarantula arrive in Hamburg? Is there anything in Stef's mother's assumption that someone wanted to hurt his son, or did he have anything in mind with the spider? ? While the police are looking for answers, there is so much air in the Melanie / Mattes fortune building that even the wool, as an intermediary, reaches its limits. After unannounced and nocturnal nocturnal visits, Melanie summarily introduces her colleague to the door. (Text: ZDF, transmitted by the magazines of the FUNKE program)

When is "Emergency Hafenkante" repeated on 2.8.2019? ZDF TV and media dates

You can not see "harbor edge emergency" at 10:30 today? Take a look at the ZDF Media Library. You will find many TV contributions after the online broadcast in the form of video streaming on demand., A rehearsal on TV on ZDF will not exist for the moment.

"Emergency Hafenkante": all actors at a glance

with: Sanna Englund, Matthias SchlooRhea Harder-Vennewald, Bruno F. Apitz, Hannes Hellmann, Harald Maack, Gerit Kling, Fabian Harloff, Manuela Wisbeck and Bernhard Conrad.

the: 2.8.2019

at: ZDF

to follow: 15 / Season 9 ("The kiss of the spider")

kind: Criminal Series

Year of production: 2015

length45 minutes (from 10:30 to 11:15)

In HD: Yes

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