Essener citizenrathaus still has little acceptance with the citizen |

Apart from the left, the council faction of BME also criticizes architecture. There are also weaknesses in design and funding risks.

The question is clear for the big parties of the town hall, even the mayor is behind the project Bürgerrathaus in the architectural variant decided. For many citizens, if they are interested in urban planning, much more convincing work obviously has to be done, if that is possible. In any case, Thomas Kufen, who has been involved in discussions several times, has not been able to reduce his skepticism about the skyscraper. "In the beginning, the Bürgerrathaus accepts the mortgage without any support from the citizens," he said in a statement posted on Facebook.

Architecture is not the only criticism

The spokesman for the skeptics, in addition to the left Essener and the three-member council group "Essen Medium-Medium", resulting from the split of the EBB Council faction. While left-wing councilor Wolfgang Freye recently re-examined the exterior of the future 60-meter-high administrative building and predicted both negative consequences for nearby historic buildings and a deterrent effect for citizens, residents and the public. BME faction leader Jochen Backes' criticism is predominant in a different direction. Backes complains about the negative concept of content and does not believe that the cost estimate is realistic. "There are also hidden extra costs that are not included in the bill."

There must be a transitional arrangement for the center for employment

There is therefore a compelling need to find a temporary solution at the Employment Center, which is now located in the former office building of the Bernestraße, the former Department of Health. This building will be demolished in favor of the new Bürgerrathaus from the beginning of 2020. The City Council decided to rent an office building in the Frohnhauser Strasse for at least five years in the spring. Cost without additional costs: 334 000 euros rent per year. Added to this is the unique installation of the IT infrastructure, which is expected to cost 330,000 euros. The contract includes extension clauses in case the construction of the citizens council is delayed. "I do not expect a punctual completion by 2024," said Backes.

The head of BME not only underlines the general construction experience in the public sector, but also sees obvious signs in this increasingly expensive project: "The starting signal for planning has fallen into September 2017. The gross floor area rose to 27,500 square meters, 960 jobs and 109 million euros of project costs. "A new office and digital work environment has been announced for citizens and the employees.

It is feared that in the end everything will be much more expensive

After only a year and dozens of meetings, the failure of a space-saving office philosophy has been called, because of the resistance of the staff. "The gross floor area has therefore grown to 31,500 square meters, the number of jobs to 1,143 and the project cost to 114 million," said Mr. Backes. "And in April 2019, we had already achieved project costs, including a planning reserve of 120 million euros." Unfortunately, the large number of supplements in a poorly planned urban construction project is far from the end of the shaft.

The BME group is also concerned that a more in-depth exchange of experiences with other municipalities on the methods and procedures in the perspective of the "Bürgerrathaus concept" has not been achieved. not been sought. "The administration is thinking again about new work processes and digitization." Even with smart cooperation, costs could be saved.

BME recommends that the project not be implemented this way

Due to the lack of architectural acceptance and the weaknesses of the content, the BME recommends that the project be put again to the test. "Given the persistent financial difficulties of the city, such a bureaucratic temple can not be communicated to the people." Even without this new building, the administration could be optimized, digitized, improved and simplified.

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