Frankfurt Bürgerpark: the circuit is now a construction site

The final name is not fixed yet. For the moment, it is called "Bürgerpark" – and will belong to Frankfurt. The park will have an area of ​​18 hectares on the site of the former racecourse.

Frankfurt – The objectives of the green space office are quite ambitious: by 2021, a park must be created north of the old race course. Nine hectares should be designed for this. "Planning is underway and should be completed by 2020," said Wednesday evening Stephan Heldmann, head of the Office of Green Spaces, at an event of the CDU faction.

It still looks like a thistle meadow. What drives every garden owner to the warmth of whites, flourishes and flourishes here without being influenced by people. Because for several years, nothing happened on the site. However, there are conservation treasures here, including several "thin meadows", which should be preserved in all cases. "Everything that is planned in the Bürgerpark needs to be coordinated with the environmental protection office," said Jürgen Burkert, planning manager at Grünflächenamt.

However, these nutrient-poor meadows may be entered, so that there will be no wooden paths running through it, as in Schwanheimer Düne, while the land itself is sacrosanct . However, according to the head of the city council Stephan Siegler (CDU), it was a conflict of interest between citizens' demands, the public green space increasingly important for family reunions, barbecues, etc., and the imperatives of the protection of nature.

Space for the "Kinderfarm"

Intended for public use, the edge of the site is laid out outside the old circuit. Heldmann explained that where there were still stables and the stand of the house of entry (and its stop) could give the impression of a "farm for children". There may be sports fields, tanning areas, if necessary, other buildings could be created. However, this construction infrastructure has not yet been financed. Heldmann is optimistic about being able to repair green spaces with a budget of 1.7 million euros.

It should look like this: Jürgen Burkert and Stephan Heldmann from Grünflächenamt present a plan.

© Michael Faust

Head of the Sports Department, Markus Frank, is pleased to announce that ten years from now, a second public park will be created next to the Hafenpark in Ostend (four hectares). "No other European city has done that!", He said. And after all, as Robert Lange, director of the Environment Committee of the CDU, said, the park on the circuit will have an area of ​​18 hectares: 9 acres of Bürgerpark with grassy lawns, but also lawns – but rather restricted use – and public spaces around, surround the protection area as a semicircle. Another nine hectares are Bannwald. The forest already exists, it is part of the old racecourse of 40 hectares. "In the past, the Bannwald was not open to the public, as the whole area was only accessible during the race days." It will now be a hobby forest for the people of Frankfurt, "said Heldmann.The green space office has set a tight schedule of two years to completion, because at that time, the yard next to the DFB should also be completed.

70,000 cubic meters of sand

Work has been ongoing since the beginning of May and the foundation works have started in the meantime. "70,000 cubic meters of sand have been removed," says Jens Schönberg, senior site manager at Groß und Partner. The sand was used to replenish the last playing surfaces. 6000 tons of steel and 35,000 cubic meters of concrete are used. "Construction costs amount to 150 million euros," said Winfried Nass, project manager at the DFB. The DFB Academy had been several times before the end. Frank recalled that there had been 19 "lawsuits up to the Federal Court of Justice for the construction project, which is now the birthplace of Silicon Valley in German football". Frank compared the importance of the DFB Academy for Frankfurt to that of the ECB.

Wet also promises a good neighbor to China Hotel. He has new owners and his opening is scheduled for November.

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