Hanging wooden ceiling as architectural accent: house in South Korea

wooden ceiling suspended modern detached house in South Korea

In South Korea, a futuristic wood house creates a link between tradition and modernity. The building is an excellent example of modern creative architecture. The wooden facade, the traditional Gipfeldach for South Korea and the abundant glazed construction make the family home a real eye-catcher. But the suspended wooden ceiling is clearly the building element that visually enhances the home both inside and out.

Suspended wood ceiling visually enhances the home

Wooden house South Korea entrance in front

JK-AR architects have tried to interpret the traditional architecture of modern South Korea. South Koreans have built wooden houses for more than 1,500 years. Over the last hundred years, however, the population has almost completely depleted the country's natural resources. Forests have been progressively converted to agricultural land and intensively exploited. At the beginning of the last century, wood from other countries could only be bought at a much higher price. Concrete then demanded a cheap alternative and people quickly started building concrete houses. Over time, the typical South Korean city has become a concrete jungle.

The architects of the JK-AR now wanted to revive the traditional architecture of the region and adapt it to the needs of the contemporary family. The wooden structure is essentially the same as it was a thousand years ago: a gabled roof and wooden walls. In all cases, the architects insulated the building with pressed wood and cork plates, and the facade was also lined with transparent plastic. In this way, the construction was made airtight, so that it does not enter the house in strong or wet winds in the rain and snow.

suspended wooden ceiling living room surface abraded concrete floor

But the absolute highlight is the suspended ceiling, which creatively combines new and old. Three futuristic trees connect their "branches" to the ceiling of the house. This creates different, very natural shapes. The trees and their branches are made of plywood panels. The individual elements were simply assembled and bolted to the wooden ceiling with bolts.

suspended wooden ceiling parts connect

The suspended wooden ceiling is a decorative element that spices up the house during the day and evening. The large skylights let in a lot of sun and create with the wooden ceiling an exciting game of light and shadow. In the evening, the lighting effectively stages the suspended ceiling.

Suspended wooden ceiling that catches the eye in the purist living space

suspended wooden ceiling living room set up sofa table

The wooden ceiling is a real eye-catcher. The architects kept the furniture simple to give them a better appearance. The living room on the ground floor has been arranged sparingly. A dining table for six, an antique dresser, a small sofa and a cumbersome kitchen complete the program of life. In addition, the architects have created additional storage space options that are discreetly installed in the background.

second suspended wooden floor

The house has a limited living space of almost 60 square meters, but the rooms are much wider and deeper thanks to the high ceiling. Overall, the building has two floors. The ground floor is open, where are the kitchen, the living room and the dining room. The upper floor is divided into several areas. A wooden staircase leads to the second floor, where there is room for a small bedroom and an office. Perfect for a couple who wants to escape the chaos of the big city and build a refuge in the countryside.

The wooden house with futuristic ceiling design is an excellent example of traditional architecture with a modern twist.

suspended ceiling wooden living room kitchen

wooden ceiling hanging white plaster walls

wooden ceiling hanging details plywood futuristic interior design

wooden ceiling hanging roof window design of interior glass

Suspended ceiling Front mounting Road view

wooden ceiling hanging building house interior decoration

wooden ceiling hanging wooden house assembly

suspended wood ceiling mount design

The wooden ceiling depends on the assembly view above

wooden ceiling hanging wooden house ideas modern fashion

wooden ceiling suspended plaster walls ceiling floor laying

wooden ceiling hanging modern hallway roof window

wooden ceiling suspended cork plywood panels

Insulation of a wooden house in South Korea

suspended ceiling wood glass roof window Gipfeldach

wooden ceiling hanging Daschfenster wooden house energy saving

Modern family house South Korea build

plywood panel suspended wooden ceiling model

suspended wooden ceiling detail pattern

Suspended wooden ceiling click system details

Suspended ceiling inspired South Korean culture

suspended wooden ceiling build step by step

3D model of wooden suspended ceiling entrance window

wooden ceiling suspended 3D model house construction

wooden ceiling hanging 3d illustration planning phase

suspended wooden ceiling 3D model planning

Blueprint hanging from the wooden ceiling seen above

Hanging plan side view of wooden ceiling three trees

Blueprint Architect House Entrance Side View

Architect's Drawing House Side View Wooden Beam Column Reclining Ground

Schematic wooden entrance beams for single family home

Construction plan Detached house Land Neighborhood

Wooden house design ceiling

A project by JK-AR Architects

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