How the work at the DFB Academy advances

350 animals? Is he serious? "We have too few gardeners, so we fall back on the sheep," explains Stephan Heldmann, head of the green space office. Then he laughs. But he says the proposal is serious. Heldmann stands with some politicians of the CDU. The grass of the old racecourse Sachsenhausen reaches up to him up to the shoulder. During the many years of conflict over the use of the area, nature has had plenty of time to occupy the site.

The sheep are for the piece on which once the nine-acre citizen public park is to emerge. Officially, the official name is "Bürgerpark Süd". During workshops and an online survey, citizens were able to express their ideas. However, there are no finished plans for the park. It is only next year that work begins.

15 hectares of land

At a few hundred meters, the grass grows very little, but the soil is sand and gravel. It is here that the new DFB academy is developing, costing 150 million euros, in which the administration of the German Football Federation is welcomed and where players, coaches and referees must be trained . More than 500 employees are expected to work there. National teams should then prepare for it.

In addition to the administrative building, the complex should include, among other things, training grounds, restaurants and player accommodations.

Since the inauguration ceremony in May, many things have happened. On the site of about 15 acres, huge ditches are dug, through grates and steel pipes.

Beside the mountains of sand are cranes and excavators. In a pumping facility, the water table is gurgling, which is again compressed elsewhere in the soil. Only the entrance gate of the old racecourse has remained as it is a listed building.

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