Illinois: In the footsteps of Frank Lloyd Wright

In this anniversary year of the Bauhaus, the subject of architecture is omnipresent. In the early twentieth century, the principle of "form follows function" was developed by the legendary architect, interior architect and designer Frank Lloyd Wright, whose work has just been declared the site of World Heritage by UNESCO.


With Emil Bach House, The Rookery, the Charley-Persky House Museum and Frederick C. Robie House, some of Wright's best-known masterpieces are in Chicago. While the atrium of the Rookery Building building shines through the use of white marble and by effective lighting, the Frederick C. Robie House is considered one of the best examples of " meadow house ". Next door, in Oak Park, a suburb of Chicago, Wright's home and studio is the largest density of Wright homes in the United States.


The two charming towns are home to Colonel George Fabyan's villa and the Pettit Memorial Chapel, built in 1907 at Belvidere Cemetery.


Here are two homes from Wright's latest career in which Wright adopted the principle of the meadow house: the Muirhead Farm and the Lawrence House, which he designed in 1949 for disabled war veteran Kenneth Laurent and his wife and adapted to the needs of a wheelchair user. is.


You will find two real architectural treasures: B. Radler House and Dana-Thomas House. In particular, Dana-Thomas House in Springfield occupies a very special position. Unlike many other Wright buildings, much of the furniture and interior design has been preserved. The latter was also designed by Wright Extra for the home: majestic glass windows, stylish lamps, dining room, ballroom and bowling alley.


The small town of southern Illinois is fortunate to host a bank building of unpretentious beauty because Frank L. Smith Bank is also a Frank Lloyd Wright project, contrasting with the prototypes from the beginning of the 20th century. bank branches.

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