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Welcome to the Fallout 4 building with mods. In this video we will visit one of the houses of one of the FO4 villains "Kellogg". Here we turn the city's diamond house into a charming and attractive friendly home.
– A secret work button.
– Work light switches.
-Maximum secret room.
– Beautiful kitchen and living room.
-Decorated bedroom.
– Use of toilet and bathroom.

This mod is here for download …
PC –
Xbox One –
PS4 –

This video was made using the creation kit and the mod itself converts this part into a functional home player with secret door and light switches. now that it may seem like nothing in settlement, but a little harder on the geck so i'm very glad i got it working. Also Big Shout out on Red Rocket TV who created a tutorial showing us how to do this

The plan was to make a nicer version of a regular diamond city house that was not just a tin blanket with a bed inside, but instead it was a comfortable home with all the facilities needed to be functional not only for a normal person, but also for a mercenary like kellogg. We also did some cool new things like creating custom notes and letters as well as converting natural disaster items to static ones so they didn't cause problems, we did this when I used the new wire wedges to create the power lines but didn't want the the batteries will move or the cables will float in the air. We also created a work toilet! or to be more precise we turned a toilet into a chair, but you can sit in it now without using external assets that prevent the sony playstation four users from having new items, but here we made it work.

I really hope you like this gang it took a lot of effort and I'm really happy with that :).

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