"That's all the prediction now"

Mayor Sepp Misslbeck (left) and architect Peter Bachschuster on the Danube.
Mayor Sepp Milbeck (left) and architect Peter Bachschuster on the Danube.


Mr Mayor, the vote on the immediate halt of Kammerspiele planning and the start of planning on the bank of the Danube has been devastating for you. Only they voted for. Such a defeat is rare in city council, but it was an announced announcement. How do you manage that?

Sepp Milbeck: I knew of the planning committee, that was the only factor once again. The pillory situation was me. But I deliberately wanted to see the city council responsible. It is not that after ten years, these great excuses come under the name of Wolkenbgel. Municipal leaders are still mourning that day and have not made a decisive contribution to it at the time.

You have not convinced any of your opinion. The city council has voted against you completely. Was it surprising?

Milbeck: I have already counted with my three UDI-Mitkmpfern. But we have this principle of independence. There you are sometimes alone. But I wear that with backbone and nervous. Now, I need a long breath. Because all this is pre-plugged now. The decision on the location of Kammerspiele will be made only next year, in the second quarter after the elections.

The sign of the municipal council – at least in its present occupation – but is clear: the Kammerspiele instead of the theater, not the Danube. As a democrat, should we not accept this decision and give it peace?

Milbeck: I give the answer with a discreet smile. You must certainly digest the result internally. But I have received a few letters encouraging me not to give up. Freely formulated: the wind blows in your face, but in the growth of your hair down which does not matter. And in the survey conducted by DONAUKURIER, nearly 2% of respondents said that 88% were in favor of the design of the Danube. Then I have already weighed these votes against the 50 of the city council, which are by nature against me.

And how is it going?

Milbeck: I think in the election now certainly calm, initiate any application for citizenship. I will wait to see what comes out of the feasibility studies. There is still no solution presented, what intervention in the garage is necessary.

A theater that is so important to the city, but who can really be measured in car parks?

Milbeck: Certainly not. But you can also note to three Siegerbros they must know that the 30 million euros given are illusory and it will cost between 50 and 60 million, if you want to consider everything. These data must now be on the table.

The Danube suddenly has a completely different interest in the discussion.

Milbeck: This surprises me positively. Even the CSU is thinking and pulling old drapery projects like a theater restaurant or a green carpet on the other side of the street, as the architect Peter has clearly shown. Bachschuster in his project. All this I can credit my cleanliness.

A citizenship application you suggested after the town council meeting was still blinking.

Milbeck: I will certainly not start this at my initiative, but if it came from a citizen, I would support it. At the moment I'm open. In the run-up to the elections, dissidents are more willing to compromise than after the elections.

The interview was conducted by Christian Rehberger.

Chamber of Architects on the indisputable behavior

How do colleagues from the Bavarian Chamber of Architects judge the initiative of Peter Bachschuster and Mayor Sepp Milbeck in the Kammerspiel? Although Bachschuster sparked heated debate with his spectacular design, he immediately contradicted the impression that he wanted to "intervene" in the current competition.
"In our opinion, the processes concern the basics of architects' professional behavior and excellence as well as the nature of future architectural competitions," FW faction leader Peter Springl said in a statement. addressed to the president of the Chamber of Architects, Christine Degenhart. The "attempt to influence the results of the competition" launched by the former FW faction colleague and the current mayor of the UDI, Milbeck, was rejected at the meeting of the municipal Council.
In her response to Springl, the chamber's president, Degenhart, does not take any particular position on the current procurement procedure of Ingolstadt Kammerspiel. However, she cites clear passages from the professional code of the Chamber of Architects.
As a result, an architect can not "alter an established or existing relationship between another architect and his client by acting on his own initiative and in the real commercial interest for the same thing". What is commonly called "between the two" is commonly called "between the two".
The architect, as further quoted by the professional code of his board of directors, "behaves in a non-collegiate manner compared to other competitors if, as a result of the jury's decision, he attempts to undermine the decision or recommendation of the jury in the context of a tendering procedure ".
Although Degenhart stresses that it is "solely the behavior of colleagues", an internal professional business, he is generally in favor of "competition as an appropriate instrument for the allocation of planning services". Independent planning according to such a procedure "we do not think that it is relevant in this context, as they may compromise the success or acceptance of the project as a whole".

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