The footballer who built the stadium

The endurance runners also next to the field

Even during his professional career, he completed an architectural study. He wants to help rebuild Vienna, which was destroyed by the war. When traveling abroad with the club, he learns a lot about architecture and new construction methods.

Despite difficult training and many trips, the professional footballer tries to miss the fewest courses possible at the university and to prepare for exam dates. But the life of a sports hero also requires time, which leads to frequent absences during studies. For almost ten years, he pursued his goal of endurance racing until he graduated in 1957.

Fans called the stadium "St. Hanappi "

He builds the first houses for the family. After the civil engineering examination and the transition to independence as an architect, he performs his first missions as an employee of the city of Vienna. Hanappi's office was also the author of residential building projects, followed by planning and supervision of the construction of a small stadium. Then, the Hanappi office is responsible for building the Weststadion. But the construction period is decreasing because of plan changes and discussions about the concept of use.

After all, Hanappi's office is less and less involved in the implementation of the modified plans. During the construction work, Hanappi came out of an illness that preoccupies him all his life and he has to withdraw completely from active life. He died a few years after the completion of the Weststadion, which after his death at "St. Hanappi "is renowned.

Read the detailed story of the great sports personality and the meticulous architect in the Baublatt issue 31 of August 2nd. Registered subscribers can read the entire article directly using the link below.

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