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Get out of the Washington bubble

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Kombo Baltimore / Daniel Sturm Kombo Baltimore / Daniel Sturm

What about Baltimore? Daniel Friedrich Sturm looked around him

Source: Daniel Sturm; Claudius Pflug

This week, WELT readers were particularly interested in the report of our Baltimore US correspondent – the city that had become the target of President Trump. He discovered a city with big problems and people open.

Baltimore so. Although I lived in the United States for nine months, I have never been there. Donald Trump and his attacks on the African-American city take me here. From Washington, Baltimore can be reached by regional train in about 40 minutes. The first impression of the city, already at Penn Station: Beautiful! Did Donald Trump not describe Baltimore as "infested with rats", saying that no one wanted to live there?

Anyone who speaks to the inhabitants of the city quickly realizes that they often pronounce their names softly: Baldimore. "Bal-di-more is in the uni-ion city, get up! Get off!", Shouted the protesters in front of the legendary symphony orchestra, which does not pay some musicians. A catchy air.

For Baltimore report

Recently, Donald Trump has insulted the city of Baltimore, still with a racist nuance, the city is colorful, the Elijah Cummimgs Democrat, who is the target, is an African-American. "Contaminated rats", that is Baltimore, no one wants to live there. We visit the city, especially Cumming District, where 300,000 murders a year affect 600,000 people and chat with them. Baltimore Report of 28.7.2019 by Daniel Sturm 26-28 Lewis Bracy, 66

Verbal Attack on Baltimore

It's hot in the city, the sun is burning, the bins of the city carry solar modules. The red brick Sion Lutheran Church adorns an American flag and a German flag. On Sunday at 9:15, there is a service in German. The park around the church with trees, flowers and shade is an oasis.

An architect organizing a lunch break on a bench in the park describes his vision of Trump and his attacks. Similarly, an urban employee, whose last name is Warren, has never heard of the eponymous Democratic leader. From time to time, it is good to get out of the political bubble of Washington.

It's easier with the Americans than conversing with the Germans. At the Charles Center metro station, I meet Malik Abdul Salaam, 57, who is also talking about Trump and the "rats".

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While Trump focuses his attention on Baltimore, the group is working to raise awareness of recent murders

In the north of the city, where two-story houses are empty of long streets, Mamoudou Sy, based in Burkina Faso, complains of drugs and violence in the city. He has a green card. Do you want to get US citizenship? "No," he says, "I'm going back to my country when my kids are finishing school." Adam Aiyash, 28, a salesman in a small shop in Yemen, says Trump's critics are "partly correct." Nothing is more exciting than people.

In the evening, at the port, at the bar of "Bubba Gum Shrimp", some homemade tortillas with spinach and artichoke dip, a bud light. Finally, in this port, where my bikes, my books, my furniture and my clothes were already well ahead of me. Last November, after a long trip across the Atlantic, the container of my stocks reached the American continent.

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