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"Raven" – who is an archaeologist, anthropologist, ethnologist, biologist and traditional musician, fisherman, builder, farmer, gardener, naturalist and sailor … and much more …

His research areas include the Megalith culture of Irish Prehistory and the Khasi race, a Matrilineal corporation in Meghalaya (N / E India) and ancestral maritime cultures around the world, including South and South America and the Eurasian continent and the Eiras etc. –

Like a "Raven", he has traveled the world well since his youth, along with fishing, boating and music on his trail –

His news is often about seasonal news – about sea fishing, rivers and lakes and his cattle and birds, as well as boats …

He's also a good photographer, the last photo I took years ago –
It's his wooden boat on the water –

As a scholar, he is very unique … as a "Raven" ….

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