A tumult in pursuit of the next – politics

Today, debates revolve around the lifting of taboos, and not the really important issues facing the peoples of the 21st century.

Column of Jagoda Marinić

Like every year, such a summer vacation comes suddenly, and I do not remember exactly what life is like when we live it. For hours, I go to the south of Europe, observes the political activity by far: the next rebellion, the collective excitement, all of this, we call it "speech public". Why does it come to mind Peter Sloterdijk, who had already spoken in the media at the turn of the millennium, may be because the media have talked too much about it, God knows. Perhaps because he asked the following question in an interview: what is it supposed to be, society? This exciting body, drifting to new heights? And what does this have to do with yourself?

People who are comfortable with themselves take books to the sea, which distracts them. In my social madness, I take Theodor W. Adorno with me. "Minima Moralia", as he re-read less brain cells before the turquoise blue. And while others draped themselves in front of their camera, their photographic-patterned pink flamingos, I read: "In the individualistic society, however, not only is the general realized through the interaction of the individual, but society is essentially the substance of the individual ". So, she is absorbed by me, this society, and if there is a truth to be found in this sentence, then this society must be incredibly tired of itself. I am also a company. And I am tired of the excitement of the mass media.

A self-repetitive reflex is currently called speech. Each time, the same impact, soon after, the same rash. Carousel driving with the past. Why am I constantly thinking: all that has already been heard? Complimentary example? Once again, a politician attacks the German skills of immigrants. This time the children. I do not want to give his name because such "theses" are just stepping stones, an attempt to impress his name with the public.

I will not memorize this name. Just as I did not remember a few years ago, the name of another politician asserted during the summer that even after decades, foreigners only had one. just under three thousand words in their German vocabulary. My father then used German words all summer, words that such a politician probably does not know in a foreign language. Hubcap, he curses. And I smiled. One, I thought then, who probably can not speak a second language in this awesome world looming on the German pidgin of my parents. When will Germany finally get fed up with this style of politics at the expense of people rather than ways to get a political profile? How long do you think cheap speeches of this type are still debates? For how long even those who are well-meaning to fight such "advances" want to make public these flat strategists? Until we have a big mouth to the head of the state like Donald Trump?

The function of racism is distraction, said writer Toni Morrison. She's right

Another debate on racism should not be missed, thanks Clemens Tönnies. The regular humiliation of people with dark skin, followed promptly by the usual and naive turn of the German self-monitoring: what is racism in Germany anyway? It's clear in the United States. Of course, those affected by this so-called racism barely speak. In a week in which obituaries are written for Toni Morrison, the first black Nobel laureate, Kai Gniffke explains in the commentary "Tagesschau" the difference between a stupid thesis and racism, without indicating why a stupid thesis can not be racist. Or why the good guys can be racist too.

The death of Toni Morrison should remind everyone of the depth of thought that our societies can rely on. One of Morrison's memorable analyzes of racism is: "The functioning, the very serious function of racism, is a distraction, it prevents you from doing your job and continues to tell you the reason for your existence." One says you do not have any language and you spend twenty years proving that you have some, someone says your head is not well trained, then you find scientists working to prove it, someone you say you do not have any art, so dig it up, someone says you do not have a realm, so dig up "No, none of them is necessary, it will continue again and again."

CDU Politics A party chirps

A twitter party

Union of values ​​against Union du Moyen: the two groups are constantly struck by mutual public contempt. The customs in the CDU expire, the holiday suffers.Comment by Robert Rossmann

Racist loopholes separate cohesion: they serve one elector while betraying the other. Anyone who wants to talk about children who do not speak German yet must speak about their fundamental right to education and demand the best conditions in which these children can learn. The attention of the media should not focus on the tweets' excitement loops that suit these tweets, but should focus on fighting for ideas that address the big problems of our times. The one who violently contradicts the neurotic profile succeeds well, but he ends up rolling in the mud.

"If you want to fly, you have to put the shit that makes it fall," Morrison wrote. The discouragement of debates is the salient feature of exhausted society that does not want to steal.

Jagoda Marinić, born in 1977, is a writer, cultural manager and journalist. On Twitter @jagodamarinic. She studied Political Science, German and English at the University of Heidelberg. In her discussion book "Sheroes", she argues for a lively conversation between the sexes. You can find all the columns of her here.