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City Council: 3.6 million euros for the extension of the kindergarten – Nachrichten Schwabmünchen

Langenneufnach invests in the creation of 176 child care spaces at Kinderhaus St. Martin

The councilors quickly and unanimously blessed the expansion projects of the St. Martin's Children's House in Langenneufnach, presented by the architect Roland Rieger at the recent meeting. City Council has long discussed the high demand for child care spaces in the children's home and the resulting lack of space. Therefore, the committee felt that the most sensible solution was an extension of the building and therefore accepted the considerable investment of about 3.6 million euros without hesitation.

As a result of this investment, the number of child care spaces has increased significantly from 60 to 176 currently. The plans were developed with the architect by the sponsor and staff of the Kinderhaus, the community, the local working group, the St. Ulrichswerk and the Kita-Zentrum St. Simpert of the Diocese of Augsburg.

According to plans, an extension is adjacent to the existing basement ground floor in the west. Then, in the new three building and in the existing building, a group of kindergarten is housed, so that the four groups of kindergarten are arranged on one floor around a courtyard. . In addition, the new building will be equipped with a kitchen, a dining room, a staff and a multipurpose room, as well as sanitary, technical and technical facilities. of storage. A roof skylight illuminates the hall. The dining room and the multipurpose room and the fireplace can be opened to each other by movable partitions, where appropriate.

On the ground floor of the existing building, only minor modifications are necessary to allow the creation of two groups of crèches and two groups of daycares. The multipurpose room and kitchen remain unchanged. According to the architect Rieger, it remains to be determined whether the installation of an elevator is necessary for accessibility to persons with reduced mobility, because there is already unimpeded access to each floor .

No change is needed for the garden in the east for cradle kids. The garden to the south and to the west should be laid out according to age-appropriate areas for kindergarten and Hortkinder children. Since this garden is located at different heights, it should be accessible to people with disabilities and also serve as access for gardening.

It is unclear how exactly the new facade should be designed, the façade color of the existing ten-year-old building being no longer available. Rieger also suggested greening the sheet metal roof of the new building. This not only offers optical advantages, but also better infiltration of rainwater and does not require mowing. Mayor Josef Böck said that the government of Swabia should now be questioned about funding possibilities. However, one wonders if the expected completion of the extension will be ready by the autumn of 2021, said Böck.

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