Gepimptes beast of burden

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The one ton truck segment embodies more than any other class of vehicles driving to the little boy. The Ford Ranger Raptor exactly cultivates this form of driving experience.

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SP-X / Engelskirchen. Pickup trucks are not really part of the natural automobile aspect of the local street scene. And if there is one, it is usually a representative of the one ton segment. We are talking about versions with a payload of about 1,000 kilograms and a manageable engine power. Looking at absolute recovery sales, the image of the market is growing. For building technicians, horticulturists or other craft businesses, picking is approved. In the meantime, more than 20,000 units can be brought here each year to both men and women, and Ford wants to get as much of the cake as possible.

However, it is not enough to offer a single version. Therefore, Ford relies on emotion and places the variant of the Raptor model alongside its ranger. The exterior of the large F-150 reminiscent of Raptor measures with unfolded mirrors of a width of 2.18 meters, exceeding by 17 centimeters the classic Ranger. It also exceeds the standard version by 5 inches in height. It has also increased in terms of ground clearance and tidal depth. It also marks with greater slope and ramp angles. Its off-road capabilities are therefore excellent.

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Gepimptes beast of burden

Great is the price. For a simple work tool, the Ranger Raptor has a fairly reasonable price. 66,771 euros must be raised on the counter if the inscription "Raptor" on the back of the sidewall and "Ford" in large letters on the radiator grille is noticeable. But of course, there is already an equivalent value. Thus, the elegant model is delivered exclusively with the new diesel engine EcoBlue two-liter and double turbocharged, which pumps not only 156 kW / 213 hp in the driveline, but also allows to lift a couple of 1,500 revs from 1,750 laps on the crankshaft. So even a two and a half-tonne piece with a stable frame body is quite alive.

The manufacturer sets the average WLTP consumption at 8.9 liters per 100 km, an acceptable value for the size and performance of the collection. The Raptor offers more than just power: the trailer hitch is as standard as the practical footboards. And a limited slip differential is also obvious. The radiator's black grille and distinctive Goodrich coarse-grain tires, including dark-painted light alloy wheels, ensure optimum performance.

Since it is inside already clearly factual. Leather seat covers and electrically adjustable furniture create a touch of luxury and comfort, but the interior design is characterized by functionality. Plastics dominate, the large screen is easily read in the area of ​​the central console at the top between the ventilation nozzles. Infotainment is important for Ford – there is a Wi-Fi access point for up to ten different devices. Between the conventional speedometer scales, there is a large colored field that provides various information, including the currently active driving mode. And the ranger has some of it.

For example, can be switched on four-wheel drive while driving, which is recommended, however, only if it does not continue otherwise. In addition to the increased fuel consumption, the driveline was set at the steering angle due to the through drive, without compensation for speed differences. No doubt, the reinforced frame reinforced chassis pickup is a first class off-road professional with a forging depth of 85 centimeters, a beautiful 32.5 degree pitch angle at the front, a blocking 100% for the rear axle differential, robust engine protection and rigid rear chassis. However, it is unfortunate that the maximum load of the trailer is limited to 2.5 tonnes – 3.5 tonnes should already be used in such a heavy off-road vehicle.

The base price also includes the 10-speed automatic torque converter, which performs its job smoothly. Given the downward pull, it would not be necessary to change as many gear ratios, but a significant separation of torque simply means that most of the time you are on the road in the favorable operating range of the engine. In any case, the engine does not need a lot of speed to push the Raptor hard. Although the manufacturer refrains from specifying the acceleration values, the maximum speed is that of the spacious multi-purpose vehicle, which rolls exclusively with the homologation truck, with confidence on the road.

Assistants such as collision alert, laneway control and sign recognition are also on board. An active cruise control would also be beneficial for the spacious and comfortable long-distance giants, but unfortunately only available for the Limited version. Perhaps the three-dimensional emblem of Ford in the radar sensor grille is it just a hindrance. If you want to be beautiful, just cut corners.

Ford Ranger Raptor – Specifications:

Pick-up one ton, length: 5.36 meters, width: 2.03 meters (with exterior mirrors of 2.18 meters), height: 1.87 meters, wheelbase: 3.22 meters

Four-cylinder, 2.0-liter dual-turbocharged, direct injection, 10-speed automatic transmission, 156 kW / 213 hp, maximum torque: 500 Nm at 1,750 to 2,000 rpm, 0-100 km / h: not specified, Vmax: 170 km / h, average fuel consumption: 8.9 l (WLTP), CO2 emissions: 233 g / km, efficiency class: unspecified, emission standard: Euro 6c (truck homologation), price: from € 66,771

Ford Ranger Raptor – Short Features:

Why: because the Raptor Ranger is a veteran of the elegant car

Why not: the load of the trailer is too low, the price of the workaholic is too high

What else: Nissan Navara, Mitsubishi L200, Toyota Hilux, Volkswagen Amarok

When: immediately

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