German Cultural Debate: For the freedom of dissidents – Politics

Some debates can be learned more when they already have a few days. This is also true of Carsten Linnemann's discussion of German language skills during schooling. Outrage hit the CDU politician, "vote in the right swamp", accused of the left boss Katja Kipping, others spoke of "populist malpractice" on social networks long ago.

The economist had not uttered the word "Grundschulverbot" that a news agency had attributed to him before she corrected herself. The anger expressed by the immigrant children, who were making their way even without an initial knowledge of German, would have been more understandable if the CDU man actually wanted to ban them from the country. ;school.

Although some educators and scientists said that Linnemann's recipes were inappropriate, other no less experienced practitioners and researchers have certified that he described a disease that would cause avoidable drawbacks not only for these children, but also for society as a whole. This idea is not completely new, but the defense was largely part of the public.

It is dangerous to talk about a problem by pointing out incorrect language or hidden political intentions. Because the silence of the so-called best motivations grievances usually only makes things worse. Especially with regard to refugees, integration, crime, images of women and religion, the sentence is this: if the sensible people do not deal with problems, only those who are unreasonable will occupy it.

Franziska Giffey can sing a song about it: When the Federal Minister of the Family wanted to impose limits on the clans of criminal families of Arab origin at the time when she held the post of mayor of the district of Neukölln she was accused of racism by her own party, the SPD. Today, many years later, authorities in many other federal states are taking action against such structures at many levels. And it seems strange that they only get up now.

It is necessary for the public to react to supposedly topical issues so that the conversation of people from different social backgrounds and different opinions is possible. As more and more citizens feel that their own worldview is no longer portrayed in most media or are not allowed to publicly express their true opinions without disadvantages, Democrats should worry.

The right-wing populists are using to prevent the exchange of arguments by denying their opponents the membership of a purely imaginary German people that never existed. But also advocates of openness and freedom make mistakes.

Whoever wants to banish others from speech, because their motives or language are allegedly poisoned, the conversation is silenced. Then, the inclusion is still on the flag, but in practice, the rules of exclusion. Therefore, those who want to preserve the diversity of society must not only endure, but also defend the diversity of opinions. Even if it hurts sometimes.