Harsdorf: The "Tanne" opens its doors at the beginning of September

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Harsdorf – Zweiseknirschend approved the Harsdorf City Council at its recent meeting on Tuesday evening, revised plans of rehabilitation of the kitchen and the tenant's apartment in the municipal restaurant "Zur Tanne". Initially, the planned budget was about 20,000 euros, but Mayor Günther Hübner said: "The cost will at least double!"

Even though a grant from the Bavarian State Restaurant Improvement Program has been abolished by the VG administration, the program is desperately oversubscribed, as Mayor Hübner has announced, so that A subsidy is eliminated. Above all, the community had to act in accordance with the food legislation in the restaurant kitchen because the soil and the sewage system were in poor condition. There was also a door to renew, the frame had already been half attacked by the grid. The kitchen has been redone, both on the floor and on the walls.

The rest of the painting will be finished in the coming week. Finally, a new partition had to be moved to the tenant's apartment. Mayor Hübner: "Everything has been arranged, but it has been properly renovated." The opening of the restaurant – until now, only the open-air cafe is open – is scheduled for the beginning of September.

The public land and the forest trail between Harsdorf and Ramsenthal are paved after three years of effort by the two municipalities of Harsdorf and Bindlach over a width of three meters. At the meeting on Tuesday evening, the city council awarded the contract for this work to the company Rädlinger, Cham / Selbitz, as Leitkommune. It is currently expanding the national road linking Ramsenthal to Harsdorf. The construction of the road will cost around 400,000 euros. The lion's share of nearly 300,000 euros going to the Free State of Bavaria goes to the Bayreuth Building Authority, more or less as co-financing of the parallel bike path.

Mayor Günther Hübner told the local council that, in the meantime, the premature start of the construction of this road construction measure is also present. The cost sharing for the two communes of Harsdorf and Bindlach amounts to 56,731 euros, or 36,527 euros. Municipalities can count on the Office for Rural Development with a grant of 60 to 70%, so that it will eventually be self-financing of around € 28,000 for Harsdorf and € 15,000 for Bindlach.

According to Mayor Hübner, there was a risk of delaying the rehabilitation of a canal breach on a municipal thoroughfare over a length of 20 m, as proper drainage of the streets was no longer ensured. D & Z Bauunternehmen GmbH, Neudrossenfeld, has already repaired the damage and incurred costs of around € 3,800.

The budget allocated for the construction of a garage on the construction site is largely exhausted, but the city council unanimously decided to close the building with a roof farm before the beginning of winter. Councilman Wolfgang Hinsche (SPD): "It would be foolish to leave the garage to the test of winter, from time to time, and place it on the roof of the attic only in the spring." a change in the funding of road maintenance will be funded.

Discussions on the current traffic load at Hettersreuth, Oberhettersreuth, Altenreuth and Zettmeisel, related to the 2182 road bypass between Harsdorf and Ramsenthal and the renovation of the Lanzendorf viaduct along the motorway, also took a lot of of place. The panel also did not find a satisfactory solution. The problem: Although there are traffic rules, only a few road users stick to it. Local Council Wilfried Löwinger (CSU): "We can only hope that the situation will return to normal once the work is completed."

The second mayor, Manfred Zapf (CSU), informed the local council of the recent meeting of the ILE "Margrave and Temple of Franconia". The construction of the radio mast on Zettmeiseler Strasse is in preparation and Mayor Günther Hübner has announced a meeting of the city council with representatives of the Fernwasserversorgung Oberfranken for September.