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Many buildings in Neumarkt bear the signature of architect Theo Nutz: this Monday he celebrated his 70th birthday.

By Nicole Selendt

Architect Michael Zaschka chatted at the celebration of Theo Nutz's 70th birthday (left). A little out of the closet.

Neumarkt.He has planned and built so many houses in his life. And no one could give the house,
in which Theo Nutz was born, apparently enough water. not
otherwise it can be explained that the architect still today in the house in Deining
lives in which he was born 70 years ago. Although he has since childhood
little rebuilt. But he only gets his breakfast at a meter away every day
at the place where he was born. And he wants to continue doing that. He said what at the MZ
He also wants to do with his 70s.

As part of his big birthday party, at the same time, the inauguration ceremony of his recent project in Nuremberg
Street and the parade ceremony of his architectural office in the new rooms there was
He talked about his childhood, his education, his work. And colleagues, family members
and companions – including Finance Minister Albert Füracker – chatted
a little out of the box.

Also a longtime companion of the architect Theo Nutz, Albert Finance Minister
Füracker, congratulated on his 70th birthday.

For example, Nutz means that he is not a born EDP architect. although
he was one of the first in Bavaria on CAD in 1990 – so draw plans with the
Computer – changed, he even draws his drawings always by hand.
The fact that its employees sometimes despair, say the shareholders
Michael Zaschka at the birthday party. To know then, he has a quick end
planned by the plans on the PC – using the "Chak-Chak-ready button", that employees
but always searches in vain for his keyboard.

Angry letter to the former OB Alois Karl

Nutz also remembers with a wink of a furious letter that he had written in the
Had then written to the mayor of the time, Alois Karl,
but in vain wanted to deceive the postman out of his hands. The letter
In fact, this was supposed to apply to the district administrator of the time – after the district council
The day before, a plan submitted by his architecture office was not selected again.

The latest project of the commercial office Nutz was inaugurated Monday:

Tour of the center on Nürnberger Straße

That despite his 70 years, he still does not think about leaving his job as an architect
for him according to his motto: "Better to work in good health than the sick do nothing".
His hobby is his job and he sees no reason in the near future.
does not work anymore. He stressed that he loves his job at his birthday party
Many times. He was not only inspired by his employees, as he Schwerdt
and Zashka attested. Even his granddaughter Hanna spoke visibly moved to tears
in front of about 350 guests of his big model, his grandfather. He encouraged her
only do what you like She wants to take it into account.

It all started with a painter's apprenticeship

But life has not always been easy for Nutz. Serious malaria attacks
his father, who returned incurably ill from the prisoner of war, the
Working in agriculture, the death of his brother shaped his life.
Also professionally it did not work out as hoped. Because in reality he was
at that time after the Deining primary school, as announced by an electrician.

Commercial building: it might also interest you


On tour of the new center

A hotel, offices, a cabinet and a local supplier for Neumarkt. At the inauguration, the MZ was allowed to take a closer look.

But as such, he was rejected and took it first as a master painter – the
just came with the Radl of the way – learning. He could become an architect because
he was one of the first in 1969 to set up a vocational training school in Neumarkt
completed. After another apprenticeship as a mason, his time with the Bundeswehr and
He finished his studies in Nuremberg at the age of twenty-five and finally finished
independent in 1983 with his wife.

A construction boom unleashed in the Wolfsgasse

Many private and public buildings in the Neumarkt district bear his signature.
For example, Nutz and his employees rebuild the Bürgerhaus in Fischergasse
to answer for. The Weinbergerschule, the Lauterhofen School or the present
The Special Educational Support Center is under construction on the site of the former Willibald-Gluck-Gymnasium
come from his pen. He is also proud to participate in a residential project in the Old City.
in the Wolfsgasse, many other investors could encourage the old town of Neumarkt
to reevaluate. "We have shown that life in the old city is beautiful and
triggered a construction boom there, "he says.

Neumarkt: That's what Theo Nutz built in Neumarkt

The most difficult project of his previous architectural activity was the
The construction of the Regensburger Straße Medical Center has been completed. From an old furniture store
to make a building with about 30 practice units and other uses is not
been easy. He is also proud of the converted gym of Ostendorfer. Be there
a lot of passion, "I'm a little in love today."