Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: after the summer holidays at school: Merkel in Greifswald

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) visits a new school building in her riding of Greifswald. Photo: Stefan Sauer / Photo of the archive

(Photo: Stefan Sauer / zb / dpa)

The Chancellor is back from vacation. After a day without a public meeting in Berlin, she went to Greifswald. The reception of nearly 500 students was very friendly.

Greifswald (dpa / mv) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) visited a Greifswald school during her first public appearance after her summer vacation and called the students to a fair exchange of views. "It is important that you build a good future among you when you declare that you are retiring in one of the rooms, that you do not shout, but that you choose your words," said Merkel during the handover of the new building. Integrated School Integrated Erwin Fischer. The Chancellor received a very friendly welcome from the students.

Merkel, who has recovered well in Greifswald, has also tackled the problems of older generations with social media before children and adolescents. Of course, they were part of student life. "We have not yet found all the rules to handle these new media." Since good information students are needed. She offered to put smartphones aside during school meals or dinner at home. "You have to find the right way to have human contact with each other and to use new opportunities."

The expensive construction, which costs about 17.5 million euros, has a national model character for Inclusion and is "a jewel," said Mayor Stefan Fassbinder (Greens). Classrooms that are conducive to learning, small group work rooms for individual work and the colorful atrium as the central point of the building would help.

Minister-President Manuela Schwesig (SPD) pointed out that in Greifswald, it was not only possible to create a school for good learning for students. It's both a workplace for teachers, where they find the best conditions for their engagement. The Erwin Fischer School is making progress, particularly with regard to career guidance. Every month, an employment agency consultant comes here and, with Grade 7 students, finds a path that is right for the profession.

At 4 pm, Ms Merkel is expected to attend the Ostsee-Zeitung readers' forum in Stralsund Ozeaneum. She will answer questions from OZ editor Andreas Ebel and Gordon Repinski, head of the Berlin office of the German editorial network (RND), but also about 200 readers of the newspaper.

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