The current rumor puts the graphics processor performance almost on par with the RTX 2080

Although Sony Interactive Entertainment unveiled its first technical details on the PlayStation 5 a few months ago, we can only speculate on the real power of the new Sony console. However, new developer statements and new rumors are circulating that should at least give a clue.

What is the power of the PlayStation 5?

During this time Komachi the Oberon clock fled. It seems that this is the code name of the PlayStation 5, which uses a graphics processor Ariel and should in turn be linked to a Gonzalo APU. Again, these are code names for the components.

The clock of the Gen2 of the Oberon falls extremely high, the console thus surpassing the graphics processor AMD Navi 5700. In addition, they could almost follow the performance of the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080.

According to the leak, the GPU of the PlayStation 5 is notably clocked at two gigahertz. This would correspond to a performance of 9.2 teraflops on the RDNA architecture. In the case of the GCN architecture, one would have even a little less than 14 teraflops. However, the times for Gen0 and Gen1 were also mentioned. The following information has been shared for the Oberon:

  • Gen2: GFXCLK = 2,000 GHz
  • Gen1: GFXCLK = 0.911 GHz
  • Gen0: GFXCLK = 0.800GHz

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The Gen0 must be the performance of the PlayStation 4 and the Gen1 is the PlayStation 4 Pro. Both measurements are necessary for the upward compatibility of the PlayStation 5.

However, it is not officially confirmed that this information corresponds well to the PlayStation 5, although some allusions are given. We must continue to wait for an official revelation of Sony Interactive Entertainment before biting into these figures.

Source: WCCFtech

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