These 5 models have been announced secretly

With all the hustle and bustle around Ryzen-3000 and Navi, almost no one noticed that AMD had expanded its portfolio with 5 new graphic card models. In the free market, you probably will not find these graphics accelerators – and that has a good reason.

New AMD graphics cards: these 5 models have been announced secretly

Source: AMD.

New graphics cards from AMD: Old wine in new tubes

Up to 5 new models of graphics cards have been listed on AMD's official website, but the company has not made any significant announcement. This is not surprising, after all, the 5 "new" graphics chips are just new editions of OEM models already well known.

Upcoming graphics cards have the following names: AMD Radeon RX 640, Radeon 630, Radeon 625, Radeon 620 and Radeon 610. graphical chips rather weak in power especially in cheap laptops and PCs ready for use be installed. If they will be freely available, is not yet known.

Much has not been done compared to the previous series. The technical data of the Radeon RX 640, for example, are very similar to those of the RX 550X, only the memory interface has been reduced from 128 to 64 bits. Some models will also be available in different performance versions.

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Here you will find the main technical data of the new RX-600 series:

model Radeon RX 640 Radeon 630 Radeon 625 Radeon 620 Radeon 610
Units of calculation 8.10 8 6 6 5
max. clock speed 1.287 MHz 1 219 MHz 1,024 MHz 1,024 MHz 1 030 MHz
shaders 512/640 512 384 320/384 320
max. memory size 4 GB of GDDR5 4 GB of GDDR5 4 GB of GDDR5 4GB DDR3 / GDDR5 4 GB of GDDR5
memory interface 64 bits 64 bits 64 bits 64 bits 64 bits
Memory bandwidth 7 GHz 6 GHz 4.5 GHz 4.5 GHz 4.5 GHz

Rebranding with graphics cards: this is not an isolated case

Compared to the 500 series OEMs, only clock frequencies were slightly increased. This also suggests no big changes to the architecture the new graphics chips gave. While the Radeon RX 640 should still be based on Polaris, the architecture of the Radeon 625 seems to be much older. It is apparently still a chip from Oland and is therefore based on an architecture that celebrated its beginnings in 2013 and always reissued,

So it's not the first time that AMD is marketing some of its graphics cards again. The R7 and R9-300 series graphics cards were based on the previous series. Again, only the clock rates have been increased.

But Nvidia also follows a similar pattern. The difference in performance between the newer MX 250 and the slightly older MX 150 is also very marginal. Rebranding and secondary use are commonplace in the graphics card industry.

A fixed date for the release of the new AMD graphics cards, there is not yet, but it is currently assumed that the graphics chips in the third quarter of 2019 go on sale.