"Spitzenfrau": Cynthia Nebel is creative under the roof

Even when she was a child, she drew upstairs plans, her nursery sits on her own. His passion was and applies to interior design. And the design of gardens and squares. Both made fog Karbenerin Cynthia to the profession.

Who drives from the B 455 to Rosbach, meets a big place. In the middle, corten steel sculptures surrounded by beautiful flower beds. Cynthia Nebel, landscape designer from Karbener, realized all this. "I've been able to translate my ideas into one-on-one and that makes me a little proud," she says.

From the idea to the finished project, the path is often long. Ideas are created in his office in Burg-Gräfenrode. There, she settled under the roof, with a view from two windows. Anyone entering his office will be a little surprised: there are no sketches and plans that intersect or overlap. Everything looks tidy, individual orders that she has neatly arranged in drawers.

This order is also found in their daily work. "Although I have a lot of jobs, but I do not go back and forth, I focus on one, then another."

Here, under the roof, she gives free rein to her creativity. They develop their designs, either for redesigning an apartment or a house, or for creating a green space or a garden. Before thinking and translating ideas into drawings, she has a long conversation with clients. "First of all, I want to see how people live, what they want and in what environment." Many of their private customers would only have very vague ideas, they wanted to redraw their garden, but they did not know how. At home, in her office, a drawing is created and she discusses it with the customers. Contact with customers was important because it was often a long process, until the house was redeveloped, the newly created green space or the redeveloped town square.

Cynthia Nebel has always been creative. "Even when I was a child, I loved decorating, I cut out the furniture and moved it to the rooms or drew the floor plans, and I did not have any room to decorate. "Typical children," recalls the native of Aschaffenburg, a resident of Usingen for a long time. "I designed it myself, designed the shelves myself and even changed color several times."

At the age of 15, the breakthrough came, so to speak. Because she received her first furniture order. A neighbor asked him to design his daughter's room. The project was well received. "It was my way."

With such talent, it was natural that young Cynthia, after graduating from High School in Usingen in 1988, study interior design. "For private reasons, I stopped," she says. Then she started a degree in economics. But the economist graduate never developed the passion she has for interior design.

She did not leave when she married 25 years ago and had two children. During his parental leave, the idea of ​​distance learning has matured. She graduated from 2009 to 2011, when her daughter Chiara and her son Cedric were already a little older. After finishing her studies, she became independent in the summer of 2011 and founded the company "Wohnträume". It also affected his family. "The more I got a job, the more children became independent." The family had to learn, for example, that even if she works at home, she is not always available. "Everyone has accepted the fact that when the office door is closed, the message says: Do not disturb!"

Cynthia Nebel loves her job, not just because of her great creativity. She appreciates free timing, great freedom of choice, when she points out, "I'm glad I do not have bosses with whom I have to compromise." She is also satisfied with her income. "I could be alone financially," she says. However, money is not the most important, but customers are satisfied and can implement their ideas creatively.

"I have never regretted having become independent, even though I do not have an eight-hour day and often work weekends, but with his work as an architect." Inland and landscaping, she found her "accomplishment".

Source: Wetterauer Zeitung