New wine in new tubes

The "Open Monument Day", coordinated every year since 1993 by the German Foundation for the Protection of Monuments and organized throughout the country on the second Sunday of September, aims in particular at the creation of buildings and historical sites that are not or partially accessible. to visitors. but to allow people interested in such places to find guides, which are not usually included in the other annual guides program. Under this year's slogan "Modern: Breakthroughs in Art and Architecture", the guide Claudia Schittek, authorized officer of the Federal Association of Federal Education eV, presented a very special offer this year. Under the aspect "New Wine in New Pipes", she takes St. Stephan's Church as a new start in the community, the city and the country in the focus. The sixties were marked by massive upheavals. In Andernach, after the turmoil of the postwar, many new families looking for apartments and in the southern suburbs, originally very improvised, are also found. In the Catholic Church, the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) tries to arrive today and in the people of today. In Germany, the new democracy is consolidating – and with the old sworn enemy, France establishes a friendship (contracts Elysee of 1966). The three upheavals find expression in the new St. Stephen's Church, inaugurated in 1968. Everywhere there is a "new wine" of understanding and integration, expressed in new tubes : a modern architecture for a changing community and changing tasks. The location of the church on the outskirts of the city tells the story of its tent form for the wandering God people and their portals, which were made from the ceiling beams of the Louvre in Paris. All this can be experienced on "Open Monument Day". The guidebook awaits all those who are interested in the "Open Monument Day" on Sunday, September 8th at 3 pm at St. Stephan Church in Friedlandstrasse. The visit of about 60 minutes is free for participants on the occasion of the event. For more information, as well as an overview of the city's comprehensive sightseeing tour, go to, tel. (0 26 32) 98 79 48 0, or

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