1. FC Cologne: Acting President of FC Müller-Römer in office

The term of interim FC President Stefan Müller-Roman is expected to end on Sunday. In an interview, he talks about his successes, his difficulties and the new board of directors.

By Martin Sauerborn, 03.09.2019

Stefan Müller-Römer has been a member of the FC Board of Directors since 11 March 2019. Following the resignation of President Werner Spinner, the Council of Members sent his chair to the panel. Sunday, we wait for the mandate of 51 years at the General Assembly (13 hours, Lanxess Arena). Martin Sauerborn had already spoken to the lawyer.

Mr Müller-Römer, how did you live as President of 1. Köln?

Stefan Müller-Romans: It was very exciting. This situation is associated with a lot of responsibility. The work required more time than the chair of the council of members. There were many more appointments. And it was not easy, because inside, everything was not peace, joy, pancakes and such a situation causes even more conversations.

Have your expectations for this task arrived?

Müller-Romans: I knew that I would not be welcomed with open arms, because in the past, the council of members was also disputed with the board of directors.

What were the difficulties in working with Vice-Presidents Toni Schumacher and Markus Ritterbach?

Müller-Romans: I do not want to talk about it anymore. For me, the consequence of all the things of recent years is that we must handle the question differently in the future in the CF, use our energy to create a unity and not one against the other. ;other.

What does this mean in detail?

Müller-Romans: It must be possible to openly discuss with each other within the association and to be able to represent different opinions without the others being immediately insulted and seeing a personal attack inside.

After becoming a member of the board, your goal is to build a competitive Bundesliga team. Did it succeed?

Müller-Romans: It was the task of the sport management. We did not intervene but examined the financial resources that we can provide. We consciously pushed our limits because we absolutely wanted to keep the league.

What did you achieve more in your semester?

Müller-Romans: We have a competitive Bundesliga women's team sent at the beginning. And I work to improve relationships with the active community of fans and dedicated members. In addition, I was able to prevent controversial trade relations with China from developing before the election of the board of directors.

The general meeting is pending. What are your expectations of the team proposed by the Council of Members for the new council with Werner Wolf as president and Eckhard Sauren and Jürgen Sieger as vice president?

Müller-Romans: I expect that they immediately improve their communicative interaction. Werner Wolf is a personality who can do good to the CF in this situation because he is a discreet and thoughtful person who listens first, then thinks and acts afterwards. I know Jürgen Sieger as a modest and structured person who always deals with the problem first. Eckhard Sauren comes with a considerable resume from the financial sector. I think all three cover all relevant areas of the board.

The candidates, however, are accused of lack of sportsmanship.

Müller-Romans: This skill should primarily belong to the sport of management. If, in addition, old players are still sitting on the board, this often leads to scrambling. I think that our model, in which the executive board can be advised by a sports competency team with additional external perspectives, is better.

The designated council is also criticized for being close to the ultras scene.

Müller-Romans: There is no "Ultraszene" but different groups. Secondly, there are those who go beyond the rules of football, not just the ultras. Most of them can be found outside the scene with the thugs. And we need to improve the current broken relationship with our fan scene. The current ratio leads to even more rule violations. We need to communicate again and again, even though there will certainly be no immediate panacea about it. Increased communication will lead to greater mutual understanding without exceeding overruns. One thing is certain: without our scene of active supporters, the atmosphere at home and abroad would not be very good.

During the FC match in Wolfsburg, there was insult and defamation of supporters led by former FC CEO Jörg Schmadtke. Criticism was later made that the Council did not apologize publicly to Mr Schmadtke.

Müller-Romans: As a media lawyer, I have experience in such cases. I am of the opinion that, at this stage, public counter-representation is rather prejudicial and that human rights violations are aggravated only by a repetition of the facts. You can personally apologize, not through the media. It's also honest. I spoke with Mr Schmadtke and the married couple Stöger.

Where the rumors about Schmadtke, Stöger and his partner come from – and what is it about?

Müller-Romans: Where they come from, I do not know. If I knew it, I would probably hold him responsible and retaliate. It is important for me to clarify at this point that there is absolutely no hindrance to these rumors. Putting something like this in the world is a huge pride.

As President, you make your first speech on Sunday. After the general meeting, your time on the board is probably over and you return to the board of members. Would you like, after your experience, to work again on counseling?

Müller-Romans: This is not a problem at the moment.

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