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Montpellier (dpa) – Whether in Paris or Vienna: many museums exhibit more and more private collections of contemporary art lovers. One reason: their financial situation is often precarious.

The practice is not problematic. For works exhibited in museums, do not only experience a qualitative added value. Their prices are also rising on the art market. From the world of art and culture, the question is now posed: do public museums make free public relations for private collectors? The French city of southern France, Montpellier, has opened a museum that opens private doors to private collections.

The Hotel Collections, the hotel's collections, is located in a patrician house of over 3000 square meters. The 18th century building has been rebuilt for around 20 million euros. His concept: to show collections of private art lovers, businesses, artists and also public institutions, which we see preferably for the first time.

The new temple of art was opened with the collection of the Japanese entrepreneur Yasuharu Ishikawa. Under the title "Intimate Distance", the works of On Kawara, Pierre Huyghe, Félix González-Torres, Simon Fujiwara, Danh Võ, Gerhard Richter and Marcel Broodthaers will be presented until September 29, personalities known on the art scene international. Ishikawa, a businessman in the fashion industry, started his collection in 2011 with about 200 works.

Museums are increasingly turning to the private treasures of art. Many budgets are declining as prices in the art market increase and insurance works increase accordingly. Substantive articles in German also deal with the subject when private art collections have more than just museums.

For many museums, the controversial cooperation with private collectors seems to have become an unavoidable reality. For example, Ulrike Gross, director of the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, mentions this cooperation in an interview with the "Stuttgarter Nachrichten". She was convinced that it would not work without a private collector.

The Leopold Museum in Vienna has recorded its halls in 2018 under the title "WOW! The Heidi Horten Collection" with works by billionaire Heidi Goëss-Horten. In 2016, the Essen Museum Folkwang presented a selection from the collection of Frenchman François Pinault, who will soon be in Paris. third museum will open.

In an interview with Nicolas Bourriaud, responsible for the new museum in Montpellier, the French newspaper Libération asked the question whether his museum does not serve those who do not need it? The answer from the former co-director of the Palais de Tokyo in Paris: the house is not a hymn to the art market. He is interested in the museum dimension of these collections, said Bourriaud. According to him, 90% of the collections in the world are not "visible".

It's still a balancing exercise, said Bourriaud of the German news agency. Therefore, they also prefer to exhibit collections that have not yet been presented to the public and will also keep them, he explained.

In the case of the Ishikawa collection, for which a foundation was founded in the late 1940s, this is only partially true. In his native country, Ishikawa and his foundation became major players in the Japanese art scene. This year, he organized for the second time in Okayama the Triennial Summit of Art. The artistic director was the French artist Pierre Huyghe.

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