Dynamic and energy efficient: Oodi Central Library in Helsinki – DETAIL

The central library was designed by ALA Architects as a three-storey lock structure that interacts with its surroundings through spectacular architectural gestures. It is extremely energy efficient thanks to local materials and maximum natural lighting. While the view on the lower two floors is covered with Finnish spruce, the top floor is fully glazed and offers panoramic views of the northern metropolis.

To the west, the library building opens in the form of an immense curved bridge leading to the main square in front of it and to the adjoining parliament building. These steel beams bring a movement in the design of Oodi. They pass the square and create an entrance area protected from the elements, as well as a terrace on the top floor. The one-roomed glazing under the awning clears the boundaries between the inside and the outside and literally flows into the public area of ​​the library.

The space program of the central library is organized according to the floors. On the ground floor, the busy functions find their place: around the lobby without pillars, there is a family library, a cinema, a café and a restaurant, as well as an auditorium, a gallery and exhibition spaces .

The highest level is a vast landscape of moving libraries with about 100,000 media, which ALA Architects calls the "book paradise" itself. He invites you to read, study and linger. Its delicate white roof seems to float like clouds in the sky.

The conclusion is the mezzanine. It is structured by the geometric characteristics of the other two floors and is composed of different private areas. There are collaborative workspaces, sound and photo studios, as well as a "creative space" and a "living laboratory" that invite creative development and are equipped with modern technologies.

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