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Hi Guys!
The new era of Family Guy is around the corner, but I couldn't wait so long and wanted to visit Spooner's 31st Street earlier. So I created the residents of the Griffin family in the new Sims 4.

The biggest problem was the lack of a style toolbox. Without it I would not have been able to find the right colors for many things like windows, murals or furniture.

I examined the lack of cars with the magnifying glass. I also had some problems with the mural because for some reason I couldn't paint just one part of the wall and because of the "crawl" of the mosque room the walls were confused. The upper floor was the most difficult because of the small space and the unclear location of the rooms.

Otherwise, everything went "smoothly".

You can see reference images through the video. I created the whole house from them. The photos are from Family Guy's 12th season.

This is the building part of the house, if you are interested here is the "tour". There you can see a result.

Don't forget that the new season starts from SEP. 28. 2014.


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