Marietta Slomka: Just Married: This is how the host of the ZDF "Heute Journal" lives

Since 1998, Marietta Slomka is one of the most famous faces of the ZDF and yet the public knows very little about it. How come the journalist and presenter who married a few days ago for the second time?

Marietta Slomka (50) made a real surprise this week. As the ZDF confirmed at the request of, the moderator of the "Heute Journal" was married last Friday (30 August) with her partner, a Berlin architect. As reported by "", she had given him to Nieheim, Westphalia, about three hours drive from his home town of Cologne, the JWort. Romantic: the couple celebrated on the farm where they met years ago.

The presenter is with ZDF since 1998

For 50 years, it's the second marriage. In 2013, she separated after nine years from her television colleague Christof Lang. Children do not have ex-pair. A war of roses also remained. In a portrait of the magazine "Myself", we read: "Everything that happens outside the office is a private matter."

Marietta Slomka has been with ZDF since 1998. She first worked in Bonn from 1999 at the Hauptstadtstudio in Berlin. Since 2001, she is the main presenter of the "Today Journal" and one of the most famous faces of the station. The news show is recorded in Mainz. Marietta Slomka works between 70 and 80 hours a week, she says in "myself", she spends her free time in Berlin.

Marietta Slomka is also in chaos

The journalist is considered perfectly prepared, informed and eloquent. Her interviews, in which she feels politicians are cheeky, are welcome. Marietta Slomka is not afraid to say her opinion clearly. But we can only guess how far she is behind the scenes.

"Myself" was allowed to take a look in the office of the 50-year-old woman and describes it as follows: "The office of this accurate and assorted woman looks rather chaotic and a lot has been meeting since 2001. Underwater photos of the dive are hanging on the walls, reminiscent of foreign reports "Clippings of newspapers, on the desk, stacked between biscuits and mountains of papers, in which she reads In preparation. "When she sees the critical eye, Marietta Slomka says," It sounds a bit like Messiah, I have to clean up, but I know exactly where he is. "Charming nice.

Cheap unpainted?

As a face of the "Today Journal", external results are not unimportant, one might think. But Marietta Slomka is far from futile, as she said in an interview with "Für Sie". "The appearance is not the deciding factor for a political reporter. In a newscast, you can also have wrinkles, "she says. Basically, I think character types are more in demand than people who look like they are in the catalog. "

"As thick as makeup is in the TV studio, you're not that attractive, "said the 50-year-old journalist in an interview. It does not work well on the screen, not in real life. But early in the African rainforest with big dark circles, I do not really feel great. I prefer to look in the mirror when I sleep well, a little tanned and lightly made up. "

The journalist, who likes to travel, is generally confronted with less positive information in her work and reporting on disasters. In her free time, she does it. "Sometimes I put my head under the blanket, distract myself with the lightheartedness of being, watching comedies rather than dramas, or planning the next vacation," she confesses. "I can also be an excellent potato and do nothing at all.

Also "Mr. Tagesschau" Jan Hofer is married discreetly and secretly. In the video below, you can see an exclusive photo of the wedding!

Exclusive photos! Secret wedding

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