Marktredwitz: The "lion" asleep

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Marktredwitz – The oldest tavern in Marktredwitz is closed. First of all. For the owners, Krystina and Reinhard Stegert, have big plans for the traditional restaurant. It should be completely renovated and completely renewed.

The "Golden Lion" of Dörflas is one of the best known and most beautiful restaurants in the area. However, the listed building is known far beyond. First documented in 1609 as a resting stop on the commercial route between Eger and Nuremberg, it is also written in several brochures on outstanding restaurants in Bavaria on the "lion".

Although Bavarian cuisine and a beer have always been grown in the inn over the years, the buildings of the "Golden Lion" have suffered a great deal. So much so that an expert estimated the value of masonry more than ten years ago at only € 30,000. The cost of the urgent renovation had already been estimated by the same evaluator to an imposing amount of millions of dollars.

The ravages of time continued to eat away at the buildings and the roof, while the inn flourished and many celebrations were held in the pretty room on the first floor. The sanitary facilities were no longer up to date, the beautiful vaults of the cellar suffered more and more from the rain, which added a lot to the substance.

On September 14, 2015, the former owner could no longer manage the project. The "Golden Lion" was auctioned at the Hof District Court. The contract was awarded to the couple Marktredwitz Krystina and Reinhard Stegert. Both had just fallen in love with the "lion".

Years before, the couple had bought the Marktredwitzer "Geyer-Villa", an old factory-villa located in Thölauer Straße. The house is in a park and was in a deplorable state. In a few years, with much of their work, the two men once again transformed the seigniorial home into a jewel.

The two of them knew what to expect when they were awarded in the district court for 56,000 euros the "lion" contract. Not that both have to do otherwise. The woman is a dentist and has her own practice in Leopoldstraße. The man operates a dental laboratory. The division of roles is clear: if the woman is rather the architect of the work, Reinhard Stegert is the craftsman and the collector. Because if somewhere in the district or beyond demolishes a barn, there are still old garden fence columns, it may well be that the returnees of the market are interested.

The city was also happy a few years ago, when the couple bought the "lion" and want to renovate it. They were therefore delighted to participate in requests for public funds. The appraiser then estimated that the need for renovation of the old masonry was about 2.7 million euros. A sum that will certainly not be enough today.

But the commitments have lasted and they are not as numerous as before. Where private builders can not dream of a 90% subsidy, they get government contracts. Not 30% are to be expected. Meanwhile, the verbal promise that the state gives him something before.

However, the Stegerts were not completely inactive in recent years. For the assurance that they had a license. Even if one did not see so much outside, dilapidated walls were fixed, beams replaced, parts cleaned or ceilings discovered. With a lot of own performance. Stegert discovers under old plasters or disguises many things that should delight lovers of ancient architecture.

Now the popular hostel is closed. The former tenant has moved and will soon open another restaurant. Now, renovations and renovations can begin inside the house. One thing is clear, we assure the owners: "The warm and historic tavern remains as it is."

But that's all. Otherwise, a lot of changes. The work being practically a new building, new provisions must also be respected. This, according to the Stegert couple, "concerns the rules of fire safety, sanitary installations, but also various installations for kitchens".

Also the external appearance will change. The outdoor cafe would be bigger, the cellar should be drained. Where there is still a toilet, three large arched doors will open the door to a cozy and elegantly furnished bar.

The toilets come to another place. "The roof of the adjoining annex changes and is adapted to the hipped roof of the main building, which requires a new conduit connection and structural improvements." Plans are already ready for at least 2200 square meters of space.

A Renaissance parlor, asleep for many years, is kissed again and will then be available for smaller celebrations. The hall, which has seen so many celebrities and turbulent celebrations, is being renovated. The same applies to King Ludwig's room. A new staircase, disabled access and an elevator are planned.

It is clear that such a construction project must be divided into several stages. So once gastronomy should be used again. However, in the years 2020/201, building workers, craftsmen – and the customer himself – are likely to come and go in the "Golden Lion".

In another phase of construction, the Stegerts have a lot in mind. New apartments will be built in the attic and under the new roof of the annex.

Krystina and Reinhard Stegert can not say anything about an opening date today. It depends on too many factors, they say. So you need powerful businesses in boom times of construction. And of course, first of all, written confirmation of funding commitments must be available.

The Stegerts do not have any illusions about the fact that they are in the dark after investing in the listed building. Because more than 70% of the millions of investments they have to take out of their own pocket.

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