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The day of the open monument will take place on Sunday, September 8 in Hagen: here is the overview and ideas of a photo gallery.

Open Hagen Monuments: Here is the overview

Interesting information is offered: Sunday, September 8, will be the monument commemorating the Day of the Open. The city of Hagen and individuals open their doors in various places. We give the overview, where there is something to see. "Modern (e): breakthroughs in art and architecture" is the motto of this year's open monument.

1. The Hohenhof

The Department of Monument Protection and Urban Archeology of the City of Hagen has developed an exciting program of architectural monuments from the early 20th century, which also refers to the hundredth anniversary of the Bauhaus. The Mayor of Hagens, Erik O. Schulz, opens the monument day at eleven o'clock at the Hohenhof. Then, guided tours will be offered on the current measures of preservation and restoration of monuments in Hohenhof and its surroundings. Among other things, the archaeologist Dr. Eva Cichy and his colleagues from the archeology of the Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe (LWL) provide information on the ongoing excavations in the field. Mussel salads provide food and drinks. The Hohenhof can be visited until 18 hours.

2. The old substation at Haspe

The old substation in HaspeVoerder Straße 131a is also opening. From 10am to 5pm, visitors can visit the building, which today houses a Christian community. The former substation was originally used at Hagener Straßenbahn AG for the conversion of the trunk power lines on the Hagen-Haspe-Ennepetal / Voerde-Breckerfeld line. It was designed at the time of Hasper's former city councilor, Günther Oberste-Berghaus, and stands out for its architecture inspired by the Bauhaus tradition.

3. The old boiler room

On the Elbersgelände is the old boiler room, which now houses the restaurant that reopened two days ago, is open for two free guided tours at 15:00 and 16:30. Registration for guided tours is by e-mail. until September 6, because the number of participants per visit is limited to 20 participants.

4. The Bauhaus bus ride

Michael Eckhoff, housekeeper in town, offers one from 14 to 17:30 approximately Bus tour of places and monuments from the Art Nouveau period and the Bauhaus sure. Among other things, the trip takes you through the neighborhoods of Haspe, Emst, Eckesey and Wehringhausen passing by the former indoor pool Berliner Straße and Christ the King Church Boelerheide. Participation costs 12 euros per person and can be paid on the spot. Registration is possible until Friday, September 6 at 02331/54654 or by email. necessary. The meeting point is Villa Cuno, Haßleyer Street / Corner Headband.

5. The Liebfrauenkirche

the Liebfrauenkirche in the lobby, which is located at 23 Liebfrauenstraße, is open to visitors from 13:00 to 15:00. Interested parties can also participate in a guided tour on Sundays. Built in the early twentieth century by the architect of Bochum, Carl Pinnekamp, ​​the church is a testimony of the neo-Romanesque, but also shows allusions to the Art Nouveau. At 3 pm, a devotion of 15 minutes takes place.

6. Evangelical Reformed Church of Hohenlimburg

the Evangelical Reformed Church of Hohenlimburg, Freiheitstraße 37, is open to interested persons from 12 noon. Community members are available for questions. At 5 pm, the church organizes an organ concert.

7. Hof Niemeyer in Berchum

On Denkmaltag can also the "Hof Niemeyer" in Berchum, Tiefendorfer Straße 8, is visited from 12 to 16 hours. Here, the restoration of a half-timbered house is brought closer to the visitors under monumental aspects. One of the highlights of the visit is the Schustermuseum established in a room adjacent to the threshing floor, a paved place in the barn for threshing grain.

8. Baukey Farm

The inhabitants of 1705 built and enlarged several times Baukey Farm in the lobby, building number 1, open from 12 to 16 hours, the hallway and the fireplace room. A slideshow shows in an impressive way the restorations of the last years.

>> The circular is open in the buildings of the city. For more information, please contact Mirjam Kötter, Urban Soil Care, at 207-3026.


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