OPEN MONUMENT DAY: Seven Protestant churches open for sightseeing, thematic tours and concerts

"Modern (s): breakthroughs in art and architecture" is the motto of the "Open Monument Day" held on September 8 at the national level. Of course, these changes can also be seen in many church buildings. Seven Protestant churches in Essen – the Marktkirche, the Auferstehungskirche, the Kreuzeskirche, the Alte Kirche Altenessen and the Alte Kirche Kray, the so-called Bergmannsdom in Katernberg and the Evangelische Kirche Werden – invite you to visit, organize visits and concerts .


On Sunday 8 September, the day of the opening of the monument, the Market Church, Markt 2 / Porschekanzel, will open from 12h to 18h. At 14h, 15h and 16h Petra Bernicke offers free guided tours of the oldest Protestant church in downtown Essen. Participants can look forward to a journey of nearly a millennium of the history of Essen: the development of the city under the authority of the abbesses, the implementation of the Reformation by the town council and the exciting path of a chapel from the Romanesque era to the modern Protestant town church.


The Evangelical parish Altenessen-Karnap participates in the old church Altenessener Straße 423 on Sunday, September 8th, the day of the opening of the monument. The church is open from 11h to 18h; at 13:45, visit of the organ and at 16h, visit of the church. At 5 pm begins the concert "Grenzgänge – Jazz for Human Voices" of the NRW vocal orchestra. Participation in the visits is free. The entrance to the concert costs 10 euros, concessions 7 euros.


The Church of the Resurrection, located on Manteuffelstraße 26, is one of the most remarkable European architectural works. It was designed by Otto Bartning. The rotunda is considered a model of modern church architecture. The Open Monument Day, Sunday, September 8, begins with a service at 10:00. From 11h to 18h15, you will have the opportunity to observe the iconic and richly renovated stained glass windows designed by the glass artist Johan Thorn Prikker, the copper baptismal font of the sculptor Hans Wissel and the realization of theological reflections of the architect Otto Bartning. The community center presents a movie about the church and snacks provide a small snack between the two.

In the Kreuzeskirche at the Weberplatz, a service is also held at 10 am. Then the church is open to visit until 17 hours. At the same time, visitors have the opportunity to attend the preparations and rehearsals of the final concert of the organ festival of the Ruhr 2019. The concert itself starts at 17 hours; the entrance costs 10 euros. The evening ends with a snack.


On Sunday 8 September, the day of the inauguration of the monument, the Protestant parish Katernberg celebrates from 10.30 a community festival taking place in the late summer, around the so-called Bergmannsdom of the Katernberger Markt. After an outdoor service on the Katernberger Markt, a varied program for young and old starts in and around the church. The process includes several visits to churches and organs.


In the old church of the Evangelical Church of Kray, 33 Leither Street, begins Sunday, September 8 at 4 pm, Memorial Day, at an organ concert: Cantor Heiner Graët plays a program. half an hour with classical works. Subsequently, the community invites to a church tour with Lothar Albrecht. Participation in the concert and tour is free.


The Evangelical Church at Werden, Turnpike 52-54, is open on Sunday, September 8, on the occasion of the Open Monument Day. From 11:30 to 17:00 Church members of the task force inform visitors of the history of the church and its treasures of art. One of the family members Krupp, who donated the dinner table, counts. At 2 pm starts the free thematic guide "The window tells the story of the church".

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