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For the visit of the Ahornweg Jewish Cemetery, male participants must bring a headdress.

For the visit of the Ahornweg Jewish Cemetery, male participants must bring a headdress. (Hake of Bjoern)

As Walter Benjamin once said in his work of passage: "No era felt modern in the quirky sense." After the centenary of the Bauhaus, this year's Heritage Fair will take place on Sunday, September 8, nationwide under the slogan "Modern (s): Breakthroughs in Art and Architecture". Since 1993, this day of action is coordinated by the German Foundation for the Protection of Monuments and is taking place on the second Sunday of September. In the city of Verden, several buildings and historic sites open their doors to Sunday tourists, but also to the community of Dörverden and places where Langwedel participates again.

Founded in 1919 by Walter Gropius, the Bauhaus is considered a typical example of the "modern" because of its idealistic and aesthetic orientation. Verden responsible for cultural promotion. In this context, it refers to the recently completed container culture at the Hönisch nursery, Heckenweg 19, as well as to the integrative concept "Kita und Grundschule" at the Verden Andreasschule, Jahnstraße 6. During the day of 39, action, guided tours will be offered on Sundays in both facilities.

Interested parties can also visit Verden Cathedral, the Domherrenhaus and the Domgymnasium Historical Library for free on this day. Between 3 and 5 pm, Reinhard Nitsche removes all library worms and library verses in the realm of old folklore.

Of course, the churches of Saint John and Saint John of Verden might not miss the day of the open monument. The church of the Zionsgemeinde (Selk) at Anita-Augspurg-Platz is somewhat hidden. After only a year and a half of construction, it was officially inaugurated in 1938 for worship.

In Verden, with a Protestant majority, we know that Catholics belong to the diaspora. Nevertheless, they have a beautiful church on Andreaswall. The Verden City Guide, Ursula Schramm, leads at 2 pm through the large St. Joseph's Church inaugurated in 1894.

Male participants should not forget their headgear during a visit to the Jewish cemetery (Ahornweg). Günter Schmidt-Bollmann also translates the funerary inscriptions during guided tours (11h and 13h).

Familiarly, the house of Verdener Piepenbrink 1's executioner was also called Bödelei. The executioners were considered at the time as dishonorable and had the task of forcing confessions to delinquent and execution judgments. In the tower or in the house itself, a so-called "embarrassing interrogation" took place, during which the accused was forced to confess. It was then that the Mayor and Council took the floor. Joachim Woock takes his guests between noon and 3 pm in the historic building.

In the old school of Dauelsen (10am to 6pm), however, there is the exhibition of the artist Marlies Engel.

Whether it's wood, stone, steel, concrete or plastic, each material generates other structural designs because of its technical capabilities. The church of Saint Cosmae and Damiani at Doerverden was built, for example, in the second half of the 13th century sandstone of Porta. Inside, the church has a magnificent baroque altar and a rococo pulpit. The tourist guide of Dörverden, Fritz Koch, directs everyone at 14:30 and at 15:30 the basic sacred building. From Porta Sandstone, for example, Minden Cathedral was built. After the Second World War, the tunnels built for the defense industry were eventually destroyed and production stopped.

An iconic building instead Langwedel Häuslingshaus am Sandberg 11. Wolfgang Ernst from Langwedeler Kulturverein guides those interested in the latest remaining kitchen niche in the region. From 14:00, coffee and cake will be served in the garden. Art lovers will also discover the works of the artist Franz Radziwill and the Bauhaus architectures.