Alpine skiing: Alaba on Hirscher: "Pity for Austria"

David Alaba regrets Marcel Hirscher's early resignation from downhill skiing. "Of course, it is very unfortunate for us, the Austrians, if such a legend withdraws," said the star of Bayern Munich Tuesday in the camp of the national team in Saalfelden. "He has been doing very, very successfully for over ten years what he's done."

In addition to his eight World Cup wins, Hirscher has won seven world titles and two Olympic gold medals. In the past seven years, only twice (2013 and 2014), Alaba has earned him the title of "Sportsman of the Year" of Austria. The two outstanding athletes know each other through several joint performances, especially during the Hahnenkamm race in Kitzbühel.

"If it's fixed and official, it's a pity, of course, but it's also his decision," Alaba said about Hirscher's possible retirement. "He'll think about it a little longer, I think, and wish him all the best for his future – and congratulations for all that he has done in his career and for us, for Austria. . "

David Alaba: "I would have liked more intimacy"

In recent years, the ÖFB national team has resigned from several of the best players of the age Hirscher (30 years). Alaba also introduced the requirements of high performance sports at the meeting. "I think high-level sport is something different today when it comes to the mind with respect to speed." This applies to football as well as skiing. "What you have to bring and work, and the sacrifices you have to make, in reality, in football, for example, every three days to get back to the top level – you have to do a lot."

This is also due to the public role we are in. "It was also in the summer that I wanted more privacy and more respect for my family, but of course we learned to care for them over the years," said Alaba. The 27-year-old will be in November, a little over a year after Hirscher, the father of a boy.

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