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Last weekend, I had queued up in the human chain, who protested in front of Kleinbecker Park. Several hundred citizens of Lünen made a very impressive statement to protest against the Council's decision.

A park, which has been part of downtown Horstmar for decades, has been left vacant and must now be sacrificed for residential development. That the Lüner Council took this decision in the same breath with the proclamation of the climate emergency is a piece of the madhouse.

Evaluators come only on a fraction of the sums

In order to give Lüner's citizens more taste, this irreplaceable decision is called horrible sums, which would cost thinning and care of this park. Experts, mandated by the alliance "Save the park Kleinbecker", arrive there with a fraction of the sums mentioned. Are we deliberately fooled by the administration?

Guest author Heinz Werner Kleine.

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Guest author, Heinz Werner Kleine is a chemistry lab technician and collector of art.

In the last ten years there has been a huge construction activity in Lünen. Hundreds of new apartments and houses have been built. To this end, valuable natural areas have been destroyed, for example the Lüner Heide or the green areas of Rudolf-Nagell-Straße. But there were also significant construction projects, such as the residential buildings on the Schützenhof sports ground and the Ebrecht company. The residential project on the Wüstenknapp or planned development on the former Coers site in Horstmar, just a stone's throw from Kleinbecker Park.

Counter the heating of cities

But a sealing of more natural surfaces must come to an end! It is also a decision of the state government. Even the Red Cross is promoting more parks with trees in the city center to combat the heating of cities. As in Horstmar, these parks are also health care for the elderly, who are increasingly suffering from climate change. Is it so difficult to understand? Harpen and the town of Lünen should do their utmost to preserve this park. Or, has the proclamation of the climatic emergency been made? I hope not. Construction law does not automatically mean building requirements. Harpen society should also think here about future generations.

I wish the resistance to deforestation continues to grow

I hope that the resistance to deforestation of this sector so important to the city's climate continues to grow. Perhaps there will still be a gap, from the point of view of many Lüner citizens and citizens, of a bad decision.

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