Art and architecture: excellent program in Dinslaken and Voerde: open monuments

Also this year, the open monument day is held all over the country. In Dinslaken, various monuments will open on Sunday 8 September. The ADFC Dinslaken-Voerde, the association of his hometown, Voerde (Lower Rhine) and the lower heritage authority of the city of Voerde offer a guided bicycle tour along some monuments and places of historical importance of Voerde.

The theme of this year's open monument is "Modern (s): Breakthroughs in Art and Architecture". The carrier is the German Foundation for the Protection of Monuments in Bonn. One of the monuments is the Hiesfeld watermill, documented for the first time in 1347. On Sunday 8 September, the mill museum and cafeteria will be open from 10am to 6pm. In addition, the monument "Windmill" participates. The Hiesfeld windmill ran from 1822 to 1922. In 1976, care was taken over by the Mühlenverein Hiesfeld today. It is open from 11h to 17h. On the day of the open monument, St. John's Church opens its doors. Originally, there was a chapel on the site of St. John's Church, which was mentioned for the first time in a mortgage deed of 1226. A guided tour will take place at 11:30 and 11:30 to 12:30, the parish cafe in the parish hall will be open. The Voswinckelshof museum in the historic center of the city will also be part of the open day and will inaugurate the special exhibition "Raumskulpturen" of Günther Zins on September 8 at 11 am, which will be dedicated to this year's motto "Modern (e): Breakthroughs in art and architecture "is appropriate. It is open until 18h, the entrance is free. On the day of the open monument, the Ledigenheim Lohberg opens its doors from 11h to 17h. The imposing building was built in 1914 by the former "Gewerkschaft Deutscher Kaiser" in the immediate vicinity of the mine. It sheltered 540 unmarried minors. The former miners speak of the history of the house and guide through the exhibition of the DIZeums. The film club of Dinslaken, together with the Ledigenheim, has made a film that can be seen in the room at the rate of about half an hour. At 11:30 and 13:30, visitors can take a tour of the house and get an idea of ​​the particular architecture. The Herz-Jesu-Kirche Oberlohberg, built on the highest point of the old Lohberg, is also open. It is open from 11h to 18h.

The starting point of the Voerde bike tour is at 1 pm at the Voerde house, then we go to the Buschmannshof memorial (around 1:30 pm), to the Protestant church in Möllen (around 2 pm), to the Evangelical Church of Götterswickerhamm (approximately 14.45). , the old school of Lohne (about 16 hours), the old town hall – AWO-Senior Center, Memorial and Lindenwirtskate (about 16.30).
On the National Day of Open Monuments, various monuments are exhibited in Voerde and invite visitors to visit: The Old City Hall – The AWO Seniors Center is open to visitors from 14:30 to 17:30. A small exhibition on the emerging district will be presented. Guided tours take place as needed. The senior AWO center invites you to linger over a coffee and a cake.

The Evangelical Church of Götterswickerhamm opens its doors from 14h to 18h. Between 14h and 17h, the Protestant church of Möllen is open to visitors. Here too, guided tours take place as needed. The day is accompanied by an organ concert, open songs and a slide show. The day begins in the Catholic parish church St. Peter-in-Spellen at 10:30 with the Sunday office, in which the 2019 fruit carpet is presented. Then a church cafe takes place. The church is open until 18h.

The Voswinckelshof Museum in Dinslaken is open on the day of the opening of the monument on 8 September from 11 am to 6 pm.
Mill Hiesfelder.

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