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Not 22 players, but a few dozen people without football jerseys stand in the middle of the TSV Johannis 1883 north of Nuremberg – a new shell exchange bank is officially accepted. That is why Herbert Dechant, head of the Nürnberg-Wetzendorf construction center, places the spirit level on the house. "Oh, oh, oh," he mumbles, and you do not know if it's just fun. But before the young people who built the concrete and wooden thing slip their facial features, he pursues them: "Bisserl is wrong, but in tolerance". Breathe.

Dechant mimics the customer and the customers, the gift for the sports club has young people – even under his aegis – built in a holiday course. "Since he can already see how it works," says Dechant, it's the nature of the builders, always something to complain about. "The important thing is that it stops when the ball hits the ground," one of them screams. There are documents, the pride of the parents is flourishing, the fathers use their mobile phones to take the work and their children. On their white t-shirt, we see: Baumanager-Camp.

Work and social affairs Bavarian companies lack trainees

Bavarian companies miss trainees

Soon the new year of training begins. That many apprenticeships remain vacant is not just a problem for the economy.By Maximilian Gerl

For a week, a good twenty young people between the ages of 15 and 19 discovered the profession of building engineer in Nuremberg, went to a major building site, spoke to students and created something: a small House. The Bauindustrieverband and Bildungswerk der Bayerischen Wirtschaft project has been in operation for a good ten years and is aimed at high school students, vocational and technical high schools and modern high schools. The previous week there was already a camp in Stockdorf, in the district of Starnberg.

We want to attract children into the construction industry, let young people know if it's something for them: a construction training, a degree in civil engineering or a dual offering combining university and apprenticeship, mainly steel and concrete workers. At the last camp demonstration, the day's results should be shared with families, friends and schools.

If one listens to the industry, one quickly understands what image she is facing: working by wind and weather, monotonous work, guys with bottles of beer hissing behind women, said with exaggeration. And if public building companies are mentioned, then it tends to things that do not work, botch or hug. "Clichés exist as they did 40 years ago," says Beate Hagemann, junior recruiter at the association. On the other hand, parents and teachers are rarely aware of career prospects and the increasingly modern world of work, up to digital processes. "We want good specialists and managers – that's the main challenge."

Learning remains vacant

The construction industry is not only looking for apprentices. Although nearly 48,000 young people started their training this week in Bavaria. However, as announced by the Bavarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, citing figures provided by the Agency for Employment, no qualified candidate has been found to 33,000 additional places. Thus, every third place is always good, the gap between the candidates is "at the highest level," said the last. Given the high number of unoccupied apprenticeships, the Confederation of German Trade Unions in Bavaria has forced companies to "complain about the shortage of skilled labor while frightening apprentices and those wishing to find themselves in poor working conditions – this does not go together, "explained President Matthias Jena. Many companies have abused their trainees as cheap labor. SZ

The construction industry is doing well, the order books are full. Now that the training year has begun, the situation is "pretty much stable," they say. Which means: once again, countless apprenticeships should have remained free, some companies no longer advertise their place as a livestock dealer, bricklayer or tiler, because there is no way anyway. interested party. In addition, analyzes of the age structure show that every fifth employee in the Bavarian industry is 55 years old or older.

With the civil engineers, there is now, after a long descent, although many more freshmen; but in competition with other technology sectors, it's difficult, the image may take revenge. "No relaxation," says the Bavarian Chamber of Construction Engineering, one office out of two has vacancies: "Who should do all the work?" In the public sector, it is essential that municipalities report a backlog of planning because they lack professionals – or even to be courted by clever hunters.

What they did during the holiday week, while their classmates went to the outdoor pool, featured participants from the Wetzendorf Construction Center. They talk about equipment, schedules and construction; In the first place, an instruction of the machine, also for a circular saw. "We had to sign that we understood that," said participant Jakob. "Show me all hands, if the ten are settled," says Dechant, the center's manager. But, as students tell us, no patch was needed. Like the professionals, they tell you what air bubbles are when pouring concrete into the formwork; or what is the difference between the pan screw and the countersunk screws.

The girls – almost half of the group – are also included in the project report. A small role stereotype but still: the player bank had to be painted beautifully, a boy calls it "rather something for girls". It was part of the job: to form a team and watch, who wants to try where. Mira and Lilli, 17 and 18, are there for this reason – working with numbers is an option, "just a taste of it". Jakob is more specific: the 16 year old has already done a student internship at the architect; What exactly is the difference for the civil engineer, it was not very clear. Now he has better ideas: the architect is more at the office, the engineer has more to do with the materials. "And he has more to say on the building site." The fact that he sacrificed the time of the holidays was not tragic. "It's something, your own development."

Herbert Dechant expires in the Upper Palatinate. "Hintre, auffe, obe, viare gwuselt", the agitation on the construction site for students had pleased him. And he would like some or some to come to his area. Again a call to parents and teachers. And one last piece of advice: "The nicest thing about the profession is: if the head of the office draws a hostile face in the morning, you can still get on the job site as quickly as possible."

Work and Social Hooray, we still have an apprentice!

Vacant training places

Hooray, we still have an apprentice!

The number of apprentices is up slightly, report chambers of commerce and industry. However, many businesses still suffer because young people do not want to work for them.By Henrike Roßbach, Berlin

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