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Absence of Kreishandwerkerschaft MORE in Daun

Daun. About 160 guests celebrated Monday night in Daun 37 new companions of regional crafts. Dietmar Pitzen, Chairman of the Kreissparkasse Vulkaneifel Board, welcomed the young craftsmen and their families, the corporate representatives and their journeyman review boards, as well as all the training companies and guests of the Daun Forum. Kreisbeigeordneter Alois Manstein and Kreishandwerksmeister Hermann Waldorf were also delighted with each young craftsman and young craftsman and sincerely congratulated everyone.

The best examiners in Daun, with their instructors. Hermann Waldorf, Dietmar Pitzen and Axel Bettendorf (left)
and Simone Assmann (right) Author of the picture: Kreishandwerkerschaft MORE (Irmgard Busch)

Simone Assmann of the Kreishandwerkschaftschaft MEHR led the event and, with three guilds and their review committees, handed over the long-awaited certificates to the newly qualified workers of the region.

The detachment guilds gained sovereignty during the journeyman examination of the Trades Chamber of Trades. This means that these guilds have a legal mandate as part of the professional training and are responsible for the entire organization of the audit. To this end, they have formed their own peer review committees, whose members – employers, employees and teachers of vocational schools – are responsible for the professional acceptance of all exams, on a voluntary.

All new friends and companions from Daun Detachment

The three guilds on the lap this time in Daun:

  • Westeifel painting and varnishing guild with six new painters and varnishers – four companions and two companions – as well as two new coatings for buildings and objects
  • Schreiner-Guild Westeifel with 19 new carpenters – 16 companions and three companions
  • MORE construction guild with nine new masons and a new paver of concrete and reinforced concrete.

Ten of the young professionals have passed their exams with good and very good results and are therefore qualified as the best exam. With their instructors, the best examiners were honored at the end of absenteeism. They have received certificates for outstanding exam performance and the exemplary training provided by Kreishandwerkschaftschaft MORE. And the best collaborators and companions were delighted to receive $ 200 worth of Guild and Chamber of Crafts training vouchers – presented by district master craftsman Hermann Waldorf and Axel Bettendorf, general manager of the Chamber of Trades of Trier, as well as a bonus from the Vulkaneifel District Savings Bank – presented by Dietmar Pitzen.

All examiners have the unique opportunity to participate in the practical performance contest for youth with disabilities. Here, the best of the best young craftsmen and craftsmen – from the chamber at home and at the federal level, up to the Championship of Europe
(EuroSkills) and World Championship (WorldSkills) professions.

The best exam and sheEducation companies:

Carpenters (5)

• Felix Alexander Dinter – Carpenters Breuer-Koch, Schönecken

• Hanne Kirstgen – Carpentry + Interior Design Frank Daniels, Bodenbach

• Michael Thielen – Joinery Marco Assenmacher, Jünkerath

• Britta Wagner – Carpentry Karl-Josef Post, Herzfeld

• Lars Schnitzler – carpentry and furniture carpentry Thomas Rieder, Rockeskyll

Bricklayer (4)

• Stefan Antony – Thielen Bau, Lauperath

• Daniel Kops – Constructions Majerus-Parmentier, Hosingen

• Fabian Michels – Master Mason Markus Michels, Lasel

• Nico Welter – Construction company Weiler Bau, Bitburg

Concrete pavers and reinforced concrete (1)

• David Mauel, – Construction company Bruno Klein, Jünkerath

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