Livable cities: Frankfurt beats Hamburg

Cheap rents and good transport make Vienna the most liveable city in the world. But two German cities are among the 20 metropolises with a high quality of life.

According to a British study, Vienna is once again the most pleasant city in the world. In the annual ranking of the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) released Wednesday, the Austrian capital was, as in 2018, ahead of the Australian city of Melbourne, followed by Sydney, Osaka (Japan) and Calgary (Canada). The capital of the Syrian state in crisis, Damascus, came in last place. For the first time, the effects of climate change were also included in the assessments this year.

Two German cities in the top 20

In total, eight European cities are among the 20 most enjoyable cities in the world. Including two German cities. Frankfurt on the Main is in twelfth place. A few places behind, it ranks 18th in Hamburg.

For many years, Melbourne held the top spot until last year, while Vienna was a European city topping the list. Paris lost six places this year after the sometimes violent protests of the "Western Yellow" movement: the French capital was only 25th.

Almost complete score for Vienna

140 cities were evaluated according to several criteria. including:

  • quality of life
  • crime rate
  • Health care
  • cultural activities
  • environmental situation
  • school system
  • Urban Infrastructure

Vienna achieved an almost perfect score of 99.1 points out of 100. Among other things, the Austrian capital was able to score points with its affordable and well-developed public transport, moderate rents and varied cultural offerings. In addition, the authors mention, among many other benefits, the great architecture of Vienna, the clean drinking water of the Alps, and the famous coffee culture.

Vienna has long been regarded as an exemplary example with regard to the relatively modest cost of living, equal opportunities and the fight against gentrification. For example, there is an annual ticket of 365 euros for public transport in the Austrian capital. In residential construction too, promotional measures have been implemented over the decades. In Austria, rents have been capped for years by a federal law.

The bottom is Damascus

The inclusion of climate change in the EIU ranking has led New Delhi and Cairo to crawl to places 118 and 125. The reasons given are air pollution, high average temperatures and the lack of water supply. It is expected that "climate change issues" will increasingly affect cities' rating in the future, said Agathe Demarais, EIU employee.

At the end of the ranking, the cities of Karachi, Tripolis, Dhaka and Lagos are at the bottom of Damascus.

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