The owner announces a room in the basement: Weberhaus witches worry | Free Press


At the weavers' houses, the historic row of houses on the Mühlgraben, there are new problems. Background is a dispute over the use of a basement room. Margitta Schier, from the one-of-a-kind club, holds a hand-written notice of use. This notice concerns part of the house Bleichstraße No. 15, known as the "House of Witches". The owner and owner Matthias Oertel needs in the building a small dark room of 10 square feet. In the Middle Ages, it had been built in the earth.

"For me, the place is everything," says Margitta Schier. There, their historic visits start. From there, she plunges into the house. Even the weavers' house friends are alarmed by the end-of-tour message. In the social network Facebook, many were annoyed by the actions of the owners Andrea and Matthias Oertel.

The family, however, is talking about the campaign – and it makes it clear: the canceled room concerns only the basement, where candles are currently drawn. Andrea Oertel says in a "free press" inquiry: "Without us, there would be no more old house in Bleichstraße street today." After a long struggle in the 90s, it was possible to buy four of the five homes from investors in West Germany. "We have repaired the houses so that they can be used again except fire (# 17)," said Oertel. This affected, for example, the roof, facade, electricity, water, fireplaces and stoves.

Oertel and her husband were disappointed by Schier's behavior: "We were and are very excited about the work and flair of Weberhaus today." For more than ten years, the club has been rented to the association. The current rent is moderate, but it is far below the average commercial rents.

Margitta Schier, meanwhile, is afraid: "It's the beginning of the end." The unique club will gradually lose its heart. Oertels wants to change more, according to Schier. So, the roof needs to be raised and expanded to extend the boarding house in house # 17, now renovated. Is it true? "At one point, one could imagine that, but not today or tomorrow," said Matthias Oertel. What he wants to develop is the gastronomic offer, says the 65-year-old. For that, he needed the cellar as a storage room. Otherwise, there is currently no need, he says.

Nevertheless, Margitta Schier does not want to give up: she and her team want to try to cancel the termination.

The mayor of the Plauen culture, Steffen Zenner (CDU), however, wishes the conversation to resume with a discussion in which all parties are sitting at the table. The city would like to buy the Mühlgraben houses in principle, but not at any price. Thus, the buildings, which know every child of Plauen, have already been estimated at 10,000 euros per house. Oertels would have demanded a higher price. "Our Kämmerei did not want to pay because of the costs associated with monitoring," Zenner said. However, he felt that the city "their" weavers' houses should be worth something and refers to a possible subsidy for purchase by the Vogtland-Zwickau cultural area.

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