"Urufstan" by Jochen Schmidt. Be sure to read!

Photo: Stefan Gross

The Urfustan dystopia is already taking place today. not
only in Urfustan. Urfustan originated somewhere in Asia after the decline
the Soviet Union. We can not believe it: now it's life there
even worse than before. Unlike Russia, the dictator
Urfustans incompetent and vicious, a Cretin. Only with the help of
Foreign countries, which naturally include Germany, can be dictated by the dictator
and his servants profit from life. People are starving, hungry and
dingy. Only Germans, the deportation of Stalin to Urfustan
have survived he's getting better because of the German diligence than the many
other oppressed. Always bad.

An order for Otto Kwant
of Jochen Schmidt
C.H.Beck, March 2019
ISBN 13: 978-3406733765
23 € 347 pages

Some passages in the book to encourage pleasure:

You can tell immediately that the author was born in the GDR. the
The story is heartbreaking, socialist and brutal. That's what Otto
Kwant experienced in Urfustan, only goes on a cowhide DDR. L & # 39; s history
is funny and sad, even the end. The reader goes to a country of
3rd – 5th world.

What is the problem with going to a country where he is
Shoe-polisher, hunter and Luftzufächler there? The reader is going
The laughter get stuck in the throat! By the way, the reader learns a lot about
Architecture, because the company of Otto would be a major building in Urfustan
because dictators need architects (see Hitler, Mussolini,
Stalin, Herod: b. in Ashkelon / Israel, died in Jericho / Palestine).
In fact, Otto wants to build playgrounds for kids. Otto knows it here
the perceived threat to mandatory security increases.

The reader interested in architecture knows that the prison has a
Extreme form of the socialized lifestyle is? Only in Urfustan?

Important for understanding the architecture found:
Desurbanisten communists want the contradiction between city and
Collect land. Success?

When Otto meets the Russian Germans, he is named Hitler. than
Otto gives a chip Aldi South, he receives a salute from Hitler
considered. Engaged in tradition. German tourists, on the other hand, are his
opposite (at first) extremely hostile.

The book reads quickly. Be sure to read! A rare masterpiece!

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