Fist: inauguration of the residential district "Lerchenwinkel" – Ebersberg

An ecumenical ceremony gave the starting signal for the construction works. In addition to residential buildings, two major projects for children are planned.

Rising rents with lower wages is a problem not only in Munich, but also in the capital's bacon zone. With the two new residential areas, W7 and W8, Poing wants to counter this trend: the burgeoning community of Ebersberg district in the north of the country promises affordable housing.

With the dedication of Protestant pastor Michael Simonsen and his Catholic colleague Philipp Werner, who is officially stationed in Poing since this month, the community and some forty guests Tuesday gave the starting signal for the work of civil engineering in the W7 region on Bergfeldstraße – and at the same time reveal its name: the Lerchenwinkel.

Before the dedication, the mayor of Poings, Albert Hingerl (SPD), the project leader of the "Am Bergfeld" Poing working group Helmut Sloim and the architect responsible for the development plan, Christian Böhm, were invited to a conference of press. The name "Lerchenwinkel" for the new district is not a coincidence, as Helmut Sloim explains. Before the area became a desert of gravel – many larks were living there at the moment.

Catholic Church The return of the secretary

The return of the secretary

Christoph Klingan, pastor of Poing, is called to the Ordinariate of the Archbishop of Munich. As vicar general, he will have in the future the most powerful office behind Cardinal Marx and will also be responsible for theological issues. About a man between farewell and new start.By Korbinian Eisenberger

For birds, the community has created compensation areas on the southern edge. "This has been well received by animals so far," Sloim said. In addition, ten lark windows were created in and around the community. They are arable land without seedlings, where wild plants grow. These open spaces are supposed to be elsewhere each year, says Sloim.

A new high school for 1000 students

Mayor Hingerl explained that 30% of Lerchenwinkel's floor area benefits from income-based support. This means that the needy tenants of these apartments receive a subsidy related to rental cost income. In addition, in ten percent of the apartments rent is capped at 20 percent of local rent. "If you count that, you will build 500 affordable homes," Hingerl said. A total of 220 terraced houses and 730 apartments are expected. The first of them will be available in 2022.

In addition to the apartments, the gymnasium for about 1000 pupils is created in Lerchenwinkel. The head of the town hall is of the opinion that the municipality is acting with this exemplary project in the district of Ebersberg. "But it's still too little!"

Even the responsible architect, Christian Böhm, praised Fist for its generally rising cost of housing. "You are one of the few communities to do anything." He further explained that in the Lerchenwinkel, four or five houses are built around a common central courtyard. Below is an underground car park with parking spaces for all apartments.

The plans for the Lerchenwinkel apply in this form also for the second new Poinger W8 residential area, said Hingerl. The mayor pointed out that the target of 20,000 inhabitants, which the municipality has been targeting for years in the zoning plan, will not be exceeded with the two residential areas. The reason: the previous residential areas would not have developed compared to the inhabitants as originally planned. The mark of 20,000 will probably crack Poing in the next ten to twenty years.

Fist The founding director says goodbye

The founding director says goodbye

Matthias Wabner built the Dominik Brunner Realschule in Poing. After nine years, he now settles in the district of Rosenheim.By Johanna Feckl

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