From the Town Hall to Florida

Reintgen calls this "black and white photography" "The Tuileries Mainz" on which we can see the sculpture E21 by Hans Nagel.
Photo: Markus Georg Reintgen

MAINZ / FLORIDA – On November 13, 1969, the capital of the state of Mainz laid the foundation for the public presentation of sculptural works of art on the banks of the Rhine with the installation of Philipp Harth's "Tiger". Today, nine sculptures form the "Rheinufer Gallery" between Fischtorplatz and Holztor – with extensions up to Zollhafen. On the occasion of the installation of this sculpture, the Department of Culture of the city of Mainz did not fail to present a commemorative exhibition on a completely different "Art" in the town hall at the Occasion of the 50th anniversary. A little before the date of November, the installation of the "Tiger" was reason enough for the two photographers Peter Lebeda and Markus Georg Reintgen to occupy the art on the banks of the Rhine . What nobody ever thought possible was the purchase of twelve photographs of Markus Georg Reintgen for 150,000 euros directly from this exhibition in America, specifically in Florida. The peculiarity: the works of the two photographers offer the viewer a new perspective on the known works. The unusual perspectives on the sculptures, all the motifs are systematically photographed in black and white, have seduced Florida art lovers, Key West, who lived in the 1960s on the banks of the Rhine and followed the beginning of the gallery. sculptures, curious photographs of Markus Georg Reintgen. Born in Nastätten in 1963, Reintgen is paralyzed by an accident and has been in a wheelchair since 1981. After studying at the Mainz Academy of Arts, he graduated with a degree in photography. The subject of his photographs is mainly war, violence, confrontation and confrontation, but not in the literal sense and certainly not in the sense of the war zones. He also likes to draw the viewer's attention to the woman's seduction and eroticism. His supposedly limited perspective turns out to be an advantage in his work. This is the extraordinary perspective of the photographs of Markus Georg Reintgen that shines the shine known in a new light. Intended for old masters, specially photographed with a 60-year-old Adox camera, these images have a nostalgic appeal. On top of that, there is no doubt that Reintgen recorded in November at noon. When the first request was sent to him by the United States, he felt that a "corset" did not have the right address. "I have ignored the demands for now," he says. Reintgen speaks of an "agent" who approached him, because the former Mainzer, who now lives in Key West, turned upside down by a newspaper article on the company 's exhibition. Mainz town hall, did not let go until the photographer believed it. It finally became a reality for the photographer when the international artist transport company Hasenkamp came to Mayence City Hall and carefully packed the twelve photographic works. As far as he is informed at the time, they are now in New York and an exhibition is under study. But it seems that interest in other works by the artist from Mainz has not faded yet. But it is certainly a new story.

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