Good building for students and defendants

09/05/19 For the sixth time, a State Award for Architecture and Sustainability will be announced this year. Fifty submissions were received and two Salzburg projects were selected: the renovation and expansion of the Justice Building and the new building of Hallwang Elementary School.

A large lanai greets students in the new Hallwang Elementary School – a covered outdoor area for the school and the local library. The lobby also offers an exercise and relaxation area. The jury of the State Prize explains why they chose one of the 17 projects selected in the new building of Hallwang Elementary School: "On the upper floor, the classrooms are arranged on both sides around the vast corridor. of development. The slightly shifted layout of the classes and the open learning areas between the two result in a varied spatial image. In the south, vertical solar collectors divide the main facade. In accordance with the activation of components, geothermal and thermothermal and complementary photovoltaic technologies, a technical concept that respects the environment, stability and, therefore, ease-of-use has been systematically implemented. "

"The exposure and thermal comfort have been improved and the energy consumption reduced significantly.The residual heat is covered by the district heating." The jury of the renovated justice building in Salzburg (architecture: Franz & Sue ZT, planning specialist: civil engineer KPPK). After a hundred years of use, the historic courthouse has called for a total renovation. "The prison wing was outsourced, the yard liberated many devices to the disabling structure.It was replaced by a new Y-shaped binding building, which no longer divides the courtyard into two parts and defines a new central entrance, a breakthrough opens the large courtyard and the extension of the old town, allowing the population to reach a low threshold, especially the renovation of the listed building was a great challenge. "

Why a State Award for Architecture and Sustainability? According to the Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism, the construction sector accounts for more than one-third of energy consumption in Austria. Sustainable construction is therefore also an important lever for achieving climate protection objectives. The list of candidates for the National Award for Architecture and Sustainability, established by the panel of experts, includes 17 projects. The winners will be announced in Vienna in October 2019.

"It should be noted the large number of educational buildings and, in particular, very convincing examples of renovation," said the chairman of the jury, Roland Gnaiger, architect and professor at the University of Art and Art. Linz design. For the first time, neighborhoods were introduced as a separate category for the State Award – a signal to architects and developers to combat urban sprawl. (BMNT / DPK-crawling)

Short description of selected projects –
Images: BMNT / Albrecht Imanuel Schnabel (1); Franz & Sue / Lukas Schaller (1)

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